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A Hologram concept.

"Create a virtual doppelganger of yourself to draw enemy fire or lure unsuspecting opponents out into the open."

The Hologram armor ability provides the user with an immediate tactical advantage. When the user activates this ability, it gives one basic command, either "run here" or "Stand here" and designates an area within line of sight. The hologram then follows that command for 4 rounds, or until the user is more than 150 feet from it. The hologram has ten effective hit points, and if it takes more than this amount of damage in a single round, it dissipates. The user may only have one hologram active at a time. If the user is close to the hologram, there is a 50% chance that someone will mistakenly target it instead of the user. However this only works once for each opponent, for if they hit the hologram it flickers and reveals it's true nature.

Hologram has it's own power source. The user can use this ability 5 times without requiring time to recharge.

Hologram has a purchase DC of 35, with a restriction of Mil (+3)

See this page for background information.

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