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Flashdance: To all appearances a normal longsword of good quality, Flashdance always looks clean and polished, even to quickly shedding mud or blood left on it. Flashdance began as an unremarkable +2 longsword that had been passed down from father to son in a long line of hunters. The last hunter had only daughters, so he chose to pass it along to his favorite son-inlaw, a merchant named Jawassa. Jawassa was a smart businessman, but not a kind one. He had made many enemies along his road to success. While the magic sword was a respectable weapon, Jawassa was unsatisfied with its value as a deterrent, so he paid a cleric weaponsmith to grant it the dancing special ability so that it could fight for him. Jawassa was soon feared and respected by his enemies, and few bold souls ever now attacked him outright.

Jawassa grew old building his wealth. He became known far and wide as a great merchant. His daughter and one son took after him, becoming ruthless merchants in his likeness. But his younger son, the middle child, had no interest in the family business and instead wanted to roam abroad, helping people and performing heroic deeds. Montogon was a thoughtful young man with a good heart and spirit. Though his two siblings scorned his choices and bragged of their profits, Jawassa felt his heart soften when he looked upon his son. Montogon turned Jawassa’s thoughts to Jawassa’s younger days, when everything seemed possible and his shoulders did not carry the burden of a financial empire. Jawassa thought of his own dreams of heroic escapades and wondered when he had lost them. And he knew, looking upon the gleaming blade mounted over his desk, that a business office was no place for such a weapon.

Jawassa took the blade to a learned wizard and asked him to add a special ability to it that would make the blade worthy of a son who was better than his father. The wizard enhanced the blade with the flaming burst special ability, dubbing the blade Flashdance. Jawassa gifted this powerful +2 dancing flaming burst longsword to his son, who left home for heroic exploits, seeking to make the world a better place. Jawassa never saw his son again, and none of his children or their descendants have seen Montogon, the lost son, since.

Caster Level: 15th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor; flame blade or fireball or flame strike; animate objects; Market Price: 128,315; Cost to Create: 64,315 gp + 5,120 XP.

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