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Esphia: The Hellguard[edit]

Esphia was but a ordinary soldier angel stationed in hell, after centuries of battle she changed and eventually fell from grace.

Level: 8 Binding DC: 30 Special requirement: Yes


Esphia was a Malakh Angel, she was stationed as hellguard in an angelic outpost of hell. One day, her outpost was attacked by a powerful pit Fiend named Yuoros and his horde of mercenary. They slew or enslaved most of the angels, Esphia wasn't lucky and was carried back to the fiend base, bounded by chain. She was tortured for years until death took her. She was raised from death by the Seraphim Ironusk, but she changed. Never again would her word carry charity and goodness, never again would her action truly defend good. After Ironusk died in a battle against the Lord of the Eight, Mephistopheles, Esphia lead a careless assault against a devil citadel. The battle was not only a total failure, but 3/4 of the angels stationed in hell were slaughtered in the counter attack.

Esphia was brought before Heaven, their judgement was harsh but fair. They cast down the angel into hell. For years she still fought against the devils. She fought for law and for her honor. But as year passed she was more akin to a devil than her celestial kin. She finally fell from grace and started using dark power against the devils. One day she ventured into a temple of the Eight Layer, were the carcass of her former master, Ironusk, was hanged with rusted steel pike from the ceiling. Instead of freeing her former master, she committed an ultimate act of greed. She consumed the holy essence of Ironusk and then turned in appearance and power similar to a Seraphim. She was bathed in divine light and then proceed to try to overthrow Asmodeus and take the realm of hell for herself. No one knows how the story of Esphia ends, it was sure she was defeated, but now belonging nowhere she couldn't find rest and began her existence as a vestige.


Esphia manifests herself in her seraphim form, made of blue mist-like substance. She is unearthly beautiful and is as mighty as any other seraphim. She is about 12 feet tall and her mist-like body turn red when angered.

Special Summoning[edit]

To Summon Esphia one need to travel deep into the Nine Hells. Then in the Eighth Layer, find the temple where Esphia found Ironusk. Here they may contact Esphia and pledge an oath to her, acknowledging her as the queen of Hell and Heaven. (Must only be done once)


The binder's skin radiates a slim light. Their eyes become blue and their hair turns white. Esphia's blue-mist substance now covers their body.


Esphia was a fanatic of law of heaven in life. Her binder feels loathing for both devils and angels and wants to dominate them. Binders of Esphia cannot make diplomacy checks with either Evil Outsiders or Good Outsiders.

Granted abilities[edit]

Aura of Despair[edit]

All enemies within 50 ft. of Esphia's Binder take a -2 Penalty to all saves.

Divine Aura[edit]

The binder gains a deflection bonus to AC equal to his/her wisdom modifier.

Divine Serenity[edit]

The binder gains a bonus to all of his/her saving throws equal to his/her wisdom modifier.

Wings of Esphia[edit]

May fly at 100 ft, with perfect maneuvrability.

Queen of both Heaven and Hell[edit]

May cast Dominate Monster at will, as a supernatural ability, but only work on Lawful Evil and Lawful Good Outsiders. Once this ability is used, it cannot be used for 5 rounds.

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