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Endless Pouch of Shurikens: This leather belt pouch is made of quality leather. On the outside is an insert for holding a single shuriken firmly in place.

A belt pouch of this sort looks like a normal, well-made, belt pouch. However, upon picking it up and using it it quickly becomes apparent that this is not the case. If picked up by a small, medium, or large creature with arms, it immediately re-sizes appropriately for the one who picked it up. When not being held or equipped, it appears to be sized for a medium character.

The belt pouch has a much more useful property than this, however. It creates an endless supply of shuriken exactly the same as the one placed in the insert including any enchantments it possesses. It holds 50 shuriken. If you drop the belt pouch or die then all ammunition within it immediately vanishes. If magically suppressed, the belt pouch does not continue to produce new ammunition, though any ammo already in existence remains.

The type of ammunition in the belt pouch contains does not change unless the shuriken placed in the insert is removed and replaced with a new one. This is a standard action. If any piece of ammo is removed from the belt pouch and not thrown within 5 rounds, then it vanishes.

Ammo removed from the belt pouch is replaced instantly, making it impossible to place other ammo or items into the belt pouch.

Strong; (DC 24) conjuration;CL 17th; Craft Wondrous Item, Secret Chest, Wish; Cost 220,500gp + 17,640exp; Activation: Continuous; Weight: 2 lb.; Market Price: 441,000gp

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