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Dragon Changeling (3.5e Template)

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Dragon Changeling[edit]

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A Dragon Changeling is a half dragon with minor shapeshifting abilities.

Creating a Dragon Changeling[edit]

A Dragon Changeling is a half dragon that occasionaly results from a true dragon mating with a draconic, elemental, fey, monstrous humanoid, or outsider creature. They have wings, a tail, and minor shapshifting abilities in addition to the normal Half Dragon template.

Size and Type[edit]

As Half Dragon [Half Dragon[1]]

Hit Dice[edit]

As Half Dragon [Half Dragon[2]]


A Dragon Changeling can fly at twice its base land speed (maximum 120 ft.) with average maneuverability unless it uses Alternate Form to suppress its wings.

Armor Class[edit]

As Half Dragon [Half Dragon[3]]


As Half Dragon [Half Dragon[4]]

Full Attack[edit]

As Half Dragon [Half Dragon[5]]

Special Attacks[edit]

As Half Dragon [Half Dragon[6]]

Special Qualities[edit]

As Half Dragon [Half Dragon[7]] Plus Alternate Form and as a 9th level caster.

Alternate Form

A dragon changeling can assume the form of a juvenile dragon of their draconic parent's type three times per day. They keep their own HP, stats, base attack, and saves. They do not gain the caster level or AC. They do gain the frightful presence, special abilities, and spell resistance. Their natural armor increases by +4 while in this form.

Worn and held items are shifted into a nondimensional space for the length of the change, though containers fall to the ground. Worn magic armor continues to provide it's enhancement bonus to AC and any abilities. The two melee weapons with the highest enhancement bonuses each provide their enhancement bonus and abilities to one of the dragon's natural claw attacks. Enhancement bonuses, resistance bonuses, and force based armor bonuses from worn magic items continue to function. All other items no longer function and are unavailable for use.

The dragon changeling may also use alternate form to suppress any or all of its half dragon traits to appear more like its non draconic parent at will. Its wings, tail, claws, teeth/skull shape, scales, eyes, and any other appearance traits from the Half Dragon template can be suppressed in this manner. Doing so also suppresses the associated attack, natural armor, enhanced vision, ect.

The dragon changeling can remain in it's new form until it chooses to return to it's natural form. Alternate Form is a full round action.


As Half Dragon [Half Dragon[8]]


As Half Dragon [Half Dragon[9]]


As Half Dragon [Half Dragon[10]]


As Half Dragon [Half Dragon[11]]


As Half Dragon [Half Dragon[12]]

Challenge Rating[edit]

Same as the base creature +3 (minimum 4).


As Half Dragon [Half Dragon[13]]


As Half Dragon [Half Dragon[14]]


At level 10 their dragon form increases to young adult, their natural armor increases by +6, their strength increases by +4, and their constitution increases by +2 while in this form.

At level 20 their dragon form increases to adult, their natural armor increases by +8, their strength increases by +8, and their constitution increases by +4 while in this form.

At level 30 their dragon form increases to mature adult, their natural armor increases by +10, their strength increases by +12, and their constitution increases by +6 while in this form

Level Adjustment[edit]

Same as base creature +5.

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