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D&D Wiki is not affiliated with the following websites.

As per Help:Policies the following external links are the only ones that may be referenced. However, the external link reference does not have to be in the same format as the following external links.

If you have a link which you want to add feel free to add it or discuss it. If a link has already been discussed and a verdict has been reached about its quality you may not add it again. However, you may continue to discuss it if you have something new to add to the discussion.

Official Sites

News and Forums


Map-Making Tools


Random Generators





Good Reading



Basic D&D

3.X Variants


Social Networking


You can externally link to an image, but please make sure that you are linking to the original (i.e. the artist's personal, or otherwise endorsed, page). It is courtesy to attribute the artist and provide a link. Good places to find fantasy images are:

External links are commonly too large for a wiki page. Flickr images sometimes provide a sharing link for different sizes; deviantArt generates thumbnails that can be linked to. While images uploaded to D&D Wiki can be resized, do not upload an image under copyright without the author's permission.

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