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Feat Prerequisites Benefit
3.5e Divine Feats

Arcane Demoralizing You can use spell energy to Demoralize your target shaking them.

Ascetic Priest

Benediction of Faith Your patron deity has deemed you worthy of being noticed, and thus, has granted you with a beacon to signify to other mortals that you are a champion of note. Priests, priestesses, religious leaders, worshippers, and citizens instantly recognize you as a consecrated representative of your chosen deity. The result of this faithfulness is an exceptional blessing.

Celestial Destined You are remotely descended, even more remotely so than an Asimaar, from a celestial being. You, over time, learn to accept this as part of yourself and draw power from it. Eventually this power envelops you, causing you to return to your ancestors plane upon reaching the 20th lv.

Channel Against Outsiders You can turn or rebuke one type of outsider.

Confuse Undead Your mad god granted you the power to drive even the restless dead insane.

Curse the Heretics Your curse is stronger when it is powered by divine energy.

Cursed Luck You can jeopardize your enemies with your power over fate.

Devil Buster 3e Prerequisite Feat::Devil Bringer (3.5e Feat), 3e Prerequisite Feat::Devil Snatch (3.5e Feat) Unleash The True Power Of The Devil Bringer.

Devoted Disciple You are so devoted to your religion that you are granted powers like a cleric.

Devotion You are a devoted follower of your patron, and are rewarded.

Divine Armor You can channel energy to enhance your body or armor.

Divine Armor Of The Soul 3e Prerequisite Feat::Divine Ghost Armor (3.5e Feat) You can channel energy to defend yourself against life draining attacks.

Divine Breath Your belief in Divine energies has enhanced your natural breath weapon

Divine Bulwark

Divine Burst 3e Prerequisite Feat::Divine Touch (3.5e Feat) When you channel to cure or inflict wounds, it affects everyone in an area.

Divine Companion Your animal companion becomes a celestial or fiendish creature.

Divine Deathward You may channel energy to protect yourself from ability or level draining attacks.

Divine Dispel You can negate magic through turning.

Divine Elemental Fury You can channel energy to deal additional damage against specific elemental creatures in melee combat.

Divine Flame You can channel energy to sheath your weapon with sacred or profane flame.

Divine Force Of Personality Your psyche and devotion is a shield against harm.

Divine Fury You can channel positive energy to ignore the damage reduction of undead opponents.

Divine Ghost Armor You can channel energy to enhance your armor against incorporeal attacks.

Divine Ghost Weapon You can channel energy into your weapon, allowing it to effectively strike incorporeal creatures.

Divine Impact You can channel energy to strike your foe with a melee weapon as if making a touch attack.

Divine Mind The powers of the mind and divine combined.

Divine Orc Command The orc gods made leading your orc brethren your destiny.

Divine Power Channel Effect (Turn/Rebuke) Undead for Power Points.

Divine Ray 3e Prerequisite Feat::Divine Touch (3.5e Feat) You can channel divine energy to cure or inflict wounds at range.

Divine Sight You can channel energy to increase your sight and pierce illusions.

Divine Spell You can channel energy to replicate your prepared spells.

Divine Strike You channel divine energy to smite your deities’ foes.

Divine Touch You can channel divine energy to cure or inflict wounds.

Divine Travel You can speed up travel with divine energy.

Divine Weapon You can channel energy to provide an enhancement bonus to your weapon.

Divine Wrath You are able to infuse your turn/rebuke attempts with sacred or profane energy, enabling you to deal additional damage to evil or good outsiders.

Double Domain Slots

Enhanced Turning You are blessed by your god to destroy undead, wherever they lie.

Eschew Divine Focus Your faith in your god allows you forgo the use of your holy symbol.

Expanded Domains You can memorize domain-specific spells as if they were general cleric spells.

Extend Spell List You gain the use of the spells of one domain.

Fear Aura Emanate small fear aura.

Go Team Each member of the team stuck a hand into the center of the group and the cleric released the spell healing everyone at once.

Greater Undead Hunter 3e Prerequisite Feat::Undead Hunter (3.5e Feat) You can channel an amazing amount of energy to deal extra damage against undead in melee combat.

Guardian Angel's Rebuke

Holy Armor By worshiping a Deity of great power some of their Divine power seeps into you

Holy Ram You can crush the walls that your enemies hide behind with holy power.

Improved Scalykind Command You can command more powerful creatures than mere lizards with your Domain power.

Improved Undead Control You can control more undead than normal.

Initiate of Lolth You have been taught secrets of Lolth's faith.

Initiate of the Red Robes

Intelligent Healer Your Knowledge of the living body guides your Lay on Hands ability

Last Rite You can guide the dead to eternal rest using positive energy.

Lifesense You see the light that all living creatures emit.

Master Undead Hunter You can channel an extreme amount of energy to deal extra damage against undead in melee combat.

Mixed Channeling

Necrotic Pulse You can channel spell energy to strike fear into the hearts of the undead.

OGC:Brew Epic Potion Your potions are three times as powerful as those from most other alchemists.

OGC:Brew Greater Potion Your potions are twice as powerful as those from most other alchemists.

OGC:Brew Unstable Potion You've learned to mix multiple potions together to create something unique and very powerful.

OGC:Destiny Denied You've failed. Whatever destiny you had before you is forever doom, and you find yourself for once in charge of your own future.

OGC:Divine Champion You serve your god as you always have, on a mission even you might not know, and have earned your patron's respect.

OGC:Divine Ley Lines Your divine power can be used to attune to ley lines.

OGC:Suppress Spell Energy You have learned to minimize the mystical disruption caused when a spell is cast, making it difficult for others to detect your spells.

Oath of Iron Skin By taking an oath to the cosmos to take up a cause and follow it to the end

Oath of Unbreakable Devotion You take an oath to the Divine Energies and gain an aspect of a God.

Oracle You guide your faith through the visions sent by your deity.

Orc Feats (The Test of Time Supplement)

Practiced Turning

Precocious Acolyte Your deity or master has shown you the basics of a spell beyond the normal limits of your experience and training.

Prodigious caster You were born with the gift of magic. The spells you cast are way more powerful than those of the average magic user, even though you aren't so brilliant in the martial arts.

Profane Death Blow

Profane Ghoul Strike

Profane Shadow Strike

Profane Shadowspawn

Profane Wight Strike

Profane Wightspawn

Profane Wraith Strike

Profane Wraithspawn

Protector You see a ally in danger of getting shot by a crossbow, as you concentrate you feel the impact of the bolt hit you instead of your friend.

Quicken Divine Channeling

Random Summon Summon a random being to your side.

Replenish Spell Exchanges uses of the Turn/Rebuke Undead ability for extra spells.

Righteous Command With but mere thought the power of good that embraces you strikes the mind of a wicked foe, compelling them to assail you rather than your more fragile companions.

Sacred Dwarven Spirit With the divine spirit of your deity you can turn a troop of dwarven allies into an unsurmountable line of defense.

Sanction Magic

Sharp-Eyed Fighter Those who use their perception to spot points to attack rather than striking aimlessly, those who do are sharp-eyed fighters

Shield Undead

Soothing Word

Strength of the Pious

Strengthen Undead

Sway Audience

Torch Undead You can burn undead in an outbreak of holy flames.

Turning Mastery 3e Prerequisite Feat::Turn or Rebuke Undead (3.5e Feat) Choose a class without the Turn or Rebuke Undead special ability. Your Turn or Rebuke Undead will be more powerful.

Undead Hunter

Zealous Smite
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