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Dragon 19:36, 4 November 2008 (MST)[edit]

I've got a couple ideas for making the Wiki a little more enjoyable, if you're interested.

one, I think it would be really neat to have a gaming room. a separate chat room, with a real time dice roller and a real time update-able map for the DM. players in online campaigns could go in there to run a complex battle, and other players could play entire games in there, without relying on an external forum. I understand that this is sort of beyond the goals of a collecting/cataloging site like the Wiki, but it would be really neat and could potentially attract a lot more traffic. players could game, they'd have rules and classes and monsters etc. at their fingertips, and real time would be a vastly more tabletop-esque way to play than forum gaming ever could be. so yeah.

another idea is a gallery of images. character portraits, monster renditions, fantasy landscapes, maps, anything D&D related. I often have to search google image for the perfect pic of some fantasy monster, and it would be nice to have a dedicated D&D gallery that anyone could peruse at their leisure. also, it'd make the gaming room even more awesome, as the DM could link a picture of the beholder that just popped up and started blasting them, etc. without looking too hard.

Lord Dhazriel 19:42, 4 November 2008 (MST)[edit]

Personally I like the idea. Online Gaming while harder to do is very interesting, and the gallery would be sweet. The first idea however need to be debated.

Sabre070 23:44, 4 November 2008 (MST)[edit]

I think it would be a good idea to add another category under d&d as a d&d:Modern collection. Then put all modern items and classes and whatever else you make that is relating to modern and later in there. This is to allow dms to be able to run a modern campaign using the familiar d&d rules.

Milo High-Hill 21:00, 20 November 2010 (MST)[edit]

1. Like the gallery idea but it needs to be only for D&D and D&D Modern material. (Even though I like LOL Cats, it shouldn't be on this site).

2. Maybe a map program. It shouldn't be 3D though, because I think it should use a quick and easy tileset system. Or maybe akin to Aureoa Toolest.

3. The chat idea has being done (Tavern). Unless you mean like private chat rooms.

4. For the dice Idea we could just use this website "http://www.penpaperpixel.org/tools/d20dicebag.htm"

Salasay Δ 16:19, 18 February 2013 (MST)[edit]

"Good thing I prepared Resurrect Thread today."

First, to do online DnD play, you would have to use a private chat room. Second, for the map, you could have two maps, one that shows the X and Y axis, and another that shows just the Z axis (i.e. a vertical bar that shows the icons for each character at their corresponding Z coordinate). Third, the link above doesn't work or is improperly written; instead we could use this for dice.

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