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I have a bounty hunter sort of 3.5 character with dimensional shackles. These I prize highly and fear losing. My thought is to have a 5' adamant chain that attaches the shackles to my belt.

So now the question is how will that affect me IN combat?

Here's my thought, I'd like to hear your feedback:[edit]

1) Speed is reduced by 1/2 (even if prisoner is not resisting) because a prisoner is never going to run comfortably along side you, shackled & chained.

2) If prisoner resists movement it is the usual grapple check for 1/2 movement. AND on the prisoner's turn if they want to move you they can with a grapple check.

3) Unless the prisoner has Improved Unarmed Strike all resistance triggers Attacks of Opportunity; melee, moving, and casting.

4) If you fly the prisoner just becomes dead weight, but does not inhibit your speed as long as you can maintain the added weight.

5) The prisoner can ready actions to disrupt your action (but still triggers AoO).

6) Spell casters can only cast spells that are solely verbal. (Of course if you have time to secure a gag then no casting.)

7) Shackled casters cannot cast on the defensive.

8) My AC & Attk rolls are -2.

That's what I think is a fair assessment. Now what do you think?

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