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The common currency of the country of Hope is divided into five main denominations:

  • Copper Clubs: Depicts the weapon of the common people in their defense against the undead on one side and the face of the hero Galeb on the other. A Copper Club is worth 1/100 of a Golden Sword.
  • Silver Arrows: Depicts a stylized elven bow and arrow on one side and the face of the elven hero Melitir Mistwalker and honours the elves that came to Ritomas's defense at the Battle of the Wall. A Silver Arrow is worth 1/10 of a Golden Sword.
  • Golden Sword: Depicts the Sword of Ritomas on one side and has the face of Ritomas on the other side.
  • Electrum Eagles: Depicts an eagle with wings outstretched on one side and the obverse has a map of the nation of Hope both signifying the protection offered by the new nation. An Electrum Eagle is worth 2 Golden Swords.
  • Platinum Shield: Depicts a shield with the crest of the Ritomas family on one side and an image of the Wall of Ritomas on the other. A Platinum Shield is worth 10 Golden Swords.


The year is divided into 12 months of 30 days each and one 'dark' week for a total of 367 days. Each month is divided into 4 seven day weeks and one 2 day religious holiday in the middle of the month. Each months religious holiday is devoted to the god after whom the month is named.

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