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Planar Influences

This land is the birthplace to many bizarre and unique creatures. What roams out of this land can only be two things: dangerous and hungry. Few travel into this desert.

In the past, this land was once bountiful and ruins of its civilization still stand.


Name: Desert of Aberrations
Planar Size: Medium Plane
Influences: None
Ruling Organization: None
Government Type: None
Other Organizations:
  • None
Capital: None
Languages: None
Religion: None
Patron Deity: None
Resources: Gold, Gems, Crystal, Ruins
Important Locations:


If the Desert of Aberrations has a history, no historian has written it. In all of modern memory, no one remembers any civilization in this bleak and forbidding wasteland. Yet some explorers have reported ruins and other signs of civilization in this place. What happened to that civilization is unknown.

Planar Information[edit]

The Desert of Aberration is a dry, desolate place, best described as rocky and bleak. The temperature swelters during the day and plummets to freezing at night.

Despite these harsh condition, creatures manage to live here. These creatures can not be called natural. The very nature of this place bends and twists what lives here into a legion of shapes. Even those who visit here can be affected by these great forces of change. Many creatures exhibit psionic powers.

Major Landmarks[edit]

The Desert of Aberrations is virtually unexplored. Only the bravest and most able should go here.

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Explore ruins.
  • Destroy the spawning area of terrible creatures.
  • Decipher the history of this terrible land.

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