Daylight Pellet (4e Equipment)

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Level: 1
Category: Volatile
Time: 30 minutes
Component Cost See below
Market Price: 70gp
Key Skill: Arcana

Daylight Pellet Level 1+ Uncommon
These pellets unleash a blinding flash of light when thrown.
Level 1 20 gp Level 16 1800 gp
Level 6 75 gp Level 21 9000 gp
Level 11 350 gp Level 26 45000 gp

Power (Radiant) ♦ Consumable (Minor Action)
Make an attack: Area burst 1 within 10; +4 Vs. Reflex. On a hit, the target is blinded (save ends).

Level 6: +9 Vs. Reflex.
Level 11: +14 Vs. Reflex.
Level 16: +19 Vs. Reflex.
Level 21: +24 Vs. Reflex.
Level 26: +29 Vs. Reflex.

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