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Hammers of Loki There are four cursed Hammers made buy Loki and his followers They were created for the purpose of tempting and cursing clerics of Thor All of the Hammers will convert to a Cleric of Loki and lose any personal pride. All 4 hammers are throwing - auto return weapons with a 3’ range They will not allow the owner to have other Magic weapons

Lightning +4 Hammer of war, +4 to Initiative, after every use welder losses all memories of place name history good bad (will only know Friends and foes). Cannot stop eating- Gains Weight 100% +4 to hit/damage / save/ - Dmg 2d8

Air +3 Hammer of thrust, Allows welder to lung up to 300 yards. With every hit owner losses 1 Pt of Con for 1d4 rounds ( If zero is hit Will pass out turn invisible until back to full con.) Becomes a chain smoker with a constant cough.+3 to hit/damage / save Dmg 1d6

Heat +2 Hammer of the Black Smith +2 Metal work & armor class. Change alignment with every hit (neutral will flip neutral good & evil ) Will become Bulimic, throws up after every meal +2 to hit/damage /save Dmg 1d6

Ground +1 Hammer of mining +1 hard rock mining. with every hit it turns the welder to stone for one round and permanent loss of all emotion +1 to hit/damage /save Dmg 1-4

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