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Below are the main pro and ang of the stories.

Heroes (14th level)[edit]

Play by Post (8th level)[edit]

Heroes "The Twelve" (8th level)[edit]

  • CLEAVE (The Fighter) <Male Aspected Warforged/Fighter-Juggernaut>
  • (The Wizard) <Female Elf/Wizard-?>
  • Medeiros (The Cleric) <Male Human/Cleric>
  • (The Rogue) <Female Human/Rogue-?>
  • MIA (The Bard) <Female Aspect Warforged/Bard>
  • MIA (The Psion) <Male Kalashtar/>
  • (The Barbarian) <Male Human/>
  • Caxton (The Paladin) <Female Elf/Paladin-?>
  • (The Sorcerer) <Female Elf/Sorcerer>
  • Vordak Willowcleave (The Ranger) <Male Dwarf/Paragon-Ranger-Dark Hunter>
  • RELIC (The Artificer) <Male Aspect Warforged/Artificer>
  • (The Druid) <Female Elf/Druid>
  • (The Monk) <Male Human/Monk>

PBEM (8th level)[edit]

The Assault on Krona Peak (20th level)[edit]

  • Arha (Solar Exalted)
  • Ba'al (Earthdawn T'skrang)
  • Jack Blight (Ravenloft survivor)
  • Luther Van'kell (Ravenloft survivor) - The Planar Ranger
  • The Slayer (Demon Hunter from Sigil)
  • (Halfling Thief)
  • (Warlock)
  • (Wizard/Fighter)

Gratis Persona[edit]

  • Vincent <Male Mummy>


  • Tem'Poris the Horror
  • Fahkyle <Elven Male>
  • Desiree <Human Female>
  • Ramlor the Lich <Previously a Male Human>
  • Vynash <Male Elf>
  • The Unnamed Changling <Female>
  • Nocturnus <Male ????>
  • The Branded King <Male Human> | Character Sheet
  • High Cardinal Krozen <Male Human>
  • Ron'Amon "An Agent of Chaos" <Male Goblin>

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