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Chaotic Lump Weapon
Price: 21,423 gp
Body Slot: — (Held)
Caster Level: 7th
Aura: Moderate; (DC 18) Transmutation
Activation: Standard
Weight: 12 lb.

The formless lump of steel-grey metal appears to be just waste from a blacksmith's shop, yet is emanating a faint blue glow.

This weapon's natural form is a shapeless 12 pound steel mass. However, when the command word is spoken, as a standard action it morphs into a random +1 version of a weapon from the table below, rolled on a d100.

At the start of the wielder's every turn thereafter, the weapon morphs into another random weapon as a swift action. The weapon continues morphing once per turn (or once every 6 seconds outside of combat) until the command word is spoken again, at which time it goes back to its inert form as a standard action.

Ranged Form Characteristics[edit]

If the CLW becomes a thrown or ranged weapon, it is considered to have its own ammunition; for instance, if it morphs into a crossbow, it will also have a bolt loaded and ready to fire as well. Any ranged/thrown usage of the weapon has the Returning ability; a thrown dart would return to the wielder's possession, a fired crossbow bolt would be back in the weapon, etc.

If the wielder hits their target, the projectile/weapon returns safely as usual. However, any thrown or fired weapon/projectile that misses its target returns intact in the same round in which it is thrown/fired, and it cannot be automatically caught.

Another attack roll is made on behalf of the weapon at half the wielder's main ranged attack bonus, and the current form's damage roll is also made. If the weapon's attack roll beats the wielder's AC and the wielder's Reflex save, it deals the wielder half the damage. If the weapon rolls a natural 20, it produces an automatic hit but no critical damage. If the weapon rolls a natural 1, the wielder automatically catches it as normal for the Returning ability.

Any ammunition the weapon produces cannot be permanently separated from it; it flows back into and changes along with the main part of the weapon during the next morph.

Adding Magic Enhancements[edit]

The CLW is always considered a weapon for the purposes of spells, infusions, etc., even in its inert form. Any ability granted will be present in any form the CLW morphs into. For instance, adding the Flaming ability means the wielder might end up with a Flaming Greatsword or a Flaming Crossbow... or may end up with a Flaming Dart or Flaming Sling & Bullet.

Adding a second Returning ability does not negate the effects of a missed projectile shot. A second Returning ability is, essentially, redundant.

Finally, any enhancement that relies on the weapon being in a specific shape (such as Magic Stone) can only be cast while the weapon is in that shape, and the enhancement fades once the weapon morphs into a different shape.

Miscellaneous Properties[edit]

While the weapon is in its inert form, it is somewhat malleable, though it cannot be shaped in a detailed manner. For instance, it could be formed into a vaguely round shape, or a slightly lumpy tube, but not into a perfect sphere or a balanced sword shape.

Also, the wielder will always end up holding the "handle" of the weapon's current form or some other non-dangerous part of the weapon. The weapon should never end a morph with the wielder holding the blade or some other similar circumstance.

Manufacturing Details[edit]

If this weapon is crafted (as opposed to being a curse/corruption on an existing weapon), then the raw materials of this weapon consist of each weapon to be included as a possibilty for the morph action, with at least one masterwork weapon (must be a double weapon if the list of possibilities includes one). The prices and table assume the weapon can morph into every Simple and Martial weapon in the core SRD list, excluding the unarmed, armor spike, and shield possibilities, and including the bastard sword.

Table: Possible Weapons
Roll Weapon Roll Weapon
01-02 Bastard Sword 51-52 Light Hammer
03-04 Battleaxe 53-54 Light Mace
05-06 Club 55-56 Light Pick
07-08 Composite Longbow 57-58 Longbow
09-10 Composite Shortbow 59-60 Longspear
11-12 Dagger 61-62 Longsword
13-14 Dart 63-64 Morningstar
15-16 Falchion 65-66 Punching Dagger
17-18 Flail 67-68 Quarterstaff
19-20 Gauntlet 69-70 Ranseur
21-22 Glaive 71-72 Rapier
23-24 Greataxe 73-74 Sap
25-26 Greatclub 75-76 Scimitar
27-28 Greatsword 77-78 Scythe
29-30 Guisarme 79-80 Short Sword
31-32 Halberd 81-82 Shortbow
33-34 Handaxe 83-84 Shortspear
35-36 Heavy Crossbow 85-86 Sickle
37-38 Heavy Flail 87-88 Sling
39-40 Heavy Mace 89-90 Spear
41-42 Heavy Pick 91-92 Spiked Gauntlet
43-44 Javelin 93-94 Throwing Axe
45-46 Kukri 95-96 Trident
47-48 Lance 97-98 Warhammer
49-50 Light Crossbow 99-100 No Change

Moderate Transmutation; CL 7th; Craft Magic Arms & Armor, Metal Shape (Stone Shape); Price 21,423 gp; Cost 11,423 gp + 800 XP.

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