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Symbol: Hand flipping a Coin with a black hole in the middle
Home Plane: Elemental Plane of Chaos
Alignment: True Chaotic
Portfolio: Anarchy, Chaos, Change, Freedom, Excitement
Clergy Alignments: True Chaotic
Domains: Chaos,
Favored Weapon: Snap
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Chaos appears as a black hole. It was their at the beginning of the universe and will see the end. It is Everything and nothing at the same time. While in the Plane of Chaos, It appears as a female human. Chaos is the being that from which all came, including the "Lord of Light". She rules over the Plane of Chaos causing the ever changing environment and dissolution. Every time one of her followers say her name tnhere is a one in a hundred chance she will come. If she does then she will snap her fingers and will reverse gravity for 1d100 minutes in a 1d6 mile radius around her follower. After the spell is canceled nobody will take falling damage.


Never go out of the way to follow the rules. Make anarchy and chaos wherever you go. Never let the world get stagnate around you. Slavery is the worst of all crimes. If any being from the plane of Chaos see active slavery then they will do whatever they can to stop it.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

While Chaos has no existing Temples or Clergy she does have Paladins in the form of Chaotics. They go and spread her Chaos all over the worlds. All of the denizens of the plane of Chaos follow her will to cause disruptions. Chaos usually does not interfere with her followers unless other divinity is in play. She does not like it when other divine creatures mess with her followers spreading Chaos. If any divine creature attempts to harm or stop her follower the is a 50% chance that she will come and stop them. Usually by snapping her fingers and erasing them from history.

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