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Bow of Force

A line of shimmering force replaces the string of this bow. Its arrows glow softly silver.

Level 4: +1 Level 19: +4

Level 9: +2 Level 24: +5

Level 14: +3 Level 29: +6

Weapon: Bow

Critical: +1d6 per plus

Property: While the At-Will ability of this weapon is in operation, the wielder need not supply ammunition for it. Arrows composed of force are created by the weapon when it is used to attack and dissipate after they are used.

Power (At-Will - Force): Free Action. All damage dealt by this weapon is force damage. You may turn this ability off as a free action.

Power (Daily - Force): Free Action. Use this power when you hit with the weapon. The target takes an extra 1d8 force damage and is pushed 2 squares.

Bows of Force are favored by many archers for their lack of need for ammunition more than anything, though their other ability has been found to be situationally useful.

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