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The Black Sun orcs are as blood thirsty as any other tribe of orc in the lands, but they are far more deadly. This comes from this tribes habit of capturing human slaves to use to reproduce half-orcs, these creatures are then raised by orcish parents and are given full position in the tribe. These half-castes have added much more cunning and intelligence to this tribe, and many of their leaders are half-orcs. Several of these half-castes are now skilled sorceror's and assassins, able to more easily infiltrate the cities of their enemies to help bring about their down fall.

These orcs can be found above and below ground, the tribe has a tendancy to wander and to spread, they are not above taking over and adopting members of other orc tribes once they've killed off their leaders. The orcs know their fellow tribe members from the black sun tattoo that all their orc warriors carry on their shoulders, which are normally displayed proudly. The name Black Sun Tribe comes from an old orc story that talks about how one day the sun will go black and the orcs will rule the world.

It is rumoured that the tribes, although spread out, come together to meet every few years to exchange stories and to honour their powerful orc chief.

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I have seen the weakness in the arcane magic I was birthed with. I now come back to to claim what I deserve with divine zealotry. No man can stop the virtue vested in me by the Dragon Queen herself. By the green head of Tiamat I will command Sapparizan once again!
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