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Warriors that are trained not only in the ways of strength but also of the Mind

Psi Strike[edit]

When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you can create a blade of psionic energy to use in melee (created with a free action) and hurl bolts of psychic energy to harm your foes. You gain a ranged a ranged attack that you can use with the Attack action. The attack has a range of 30 feet. You are proficient with it, and you add your Intelligence modifier to its attack and damage rolls. It's damage is force, and it's damage die is a d8.

Shield of the Mind[edit]

At 7th level as reaction you can cast the shield spell to boost your defenses. You can use this feature a number to times equal to your Intelligence modifier. You regain this feature after a long rest.

Mind over Matter[edit]

At 10th level you may add 1/2 of your proficiency modifier to any Dexterity, Constitution, or Intelligence chick that doesn't already use your proficiency bonus.

Mind Blast[edit]

At 15th level you can send out a wave of psionic energy that deals 5d6 force damage to enemies around you that fail an Intelligence saving throw. On a success they take half damage. You designate who is affected.

Keen Mind[edit]

At 18th level you are better able to sense your enemies weak points. Increase your critical hit range to 19 or 20. You also gain Blindsight out to 30 feet.

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