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Battle Butler [Archetype][edit]

You help your master out of duty, even if he wants to destroy the world or save it. Really these things do not matter to you.
Prerequisite: Any non-chaotic.
Benefit: See below
Special: If you ever stop qualifying for this feat, you can trade it for another archetype feat if you meet the prerequisites.

Archetype Feat Bonus are based on HD.

  • 1 HD: You can designate one creature as your master, whenever you are within 30 ft. of your master you gain a +2 morale bonus to initiative and he gains a +2 misc bonus to AC. Whenever you help him by using the aid another action, you grant a +4 bonus instead of +2.
  • 3 HD: You gain immunity to fear. You also automatically break any compulsion effect commanding you to harm your master.
  • 8 HD: You gain a bonus on damage equal to your base attack bonus against all creatures who threatened your master before your eyes. The bonus lasts 24 hours, you gain this bonus permanently if the creature killed your master (you lose this bonus if your master is raised from the dead.)
  • 15 HD: Whenever your master dies, if you're within 120 ft. of your master, you can sacrifice yourself to save his or her life as an immediate action. Whatever you perform is up to you (or the DM) but as a result your master is unharmed and you are dead. However, karma looks positively upon you and you no longer lose a level when raised from the dead.

Notes: If your master dies, you may designate another one.

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