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Babyhead by pzna, on Flickr

You are a super genius baby, born in a lab.

Appearance: You are intelligent beyond normal human parameters, but have the body of a young infant: you are reliant on a robotic body (of your own devising) for your mobility. You communicate via a "talking machine", which looks like a dummy, and can only cry if it falls out of your mouth.

Baby Traits
Ability: Intelligence
Power Source: Fusion; +2 to Fusion overcharge.
Skill Bonus (Level 1): Gain a +4 bonus to Science checks.
Robotic Cradle (Level 1): Resist 5 physical; Vulnerable 5 electric
Baby Critical (Level 2 or 6): When you score a critical hit, the attack deals 1d10 extra damage, and you gain a +4 AC bonus until the end of your next turn.

Optimize Strike Baby Novice
Some split-second arithmetic and you've optimized the force and torque of your robot's attack.
At-Will Star.gif Fusion
Standard Action Personal
Effect: Your next weapon attack before the end of the encounter gains a +2 bonus to the attack roll and deals 5 + your Intelligence modifier + your level extra physical damage.

Jet Hover Baby Utility
You yank a lever and your robot suit's leg-mounted rockets push you away.
Encounter Star.gif Fusion
Move Action Personal
Effect: You fly your speed. You must end your movement on solid ground.

Minifac Expert
The portable ordnance factory in your robot cradle churns out a ready supply of ammunition.
Encounter Star.gif Weapon, Physical, Fusion
Standard Action Ranged weapon
Target: One, two or three targets
Attack: Your level + Intelligence modifier + weapon accuracy vs. AC
Hit: 1[W] + Intelligence modifier + your level physical damage.
You can make this attack even if you do not have any ammunition.

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