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Arrow of Penetration: This +1 adamantine keen mighty cleaving arrow is made with a perfectly cylindrical shaft and razorsharp head of a rare and powerful material. Elven and magical runes decorate its length and it is fletched with the feathers of exotic birds. The first of these arrows were crafted by elven smiths for elven archers in the early wars against the orcs. Each of the 100 original arrows of penetration was a work of art, and each was responsible for the slaying of hundreds of raging orcs.

The mighty cleaving property of the arrow happens automatically whenever the arrow deals enough damage to drop the creature it strikes. It passes through the body of its target in a straight line from the attacker; the arrow attacks the first creature along this line (rolled at the same attack value as the initial firing). As the archer who fires the arrow cannot stop its flight should it drop its primary target, this weapon is best used in situations where several ranks of enemies are present as targets, for it is possible to shoot through an enemy and accidentally hit an ally on the other side.

Most of these arrows have been lost in the battles over the centuries. The few that remain in elven hands often have additional properties crafted into them, particularly distance, frost, orc bane, returning, and shock. Some may also have increased enhancement bonuses. The elves are eager to reclaim the original arrows of penetration.

Each arrow of penetration was crafted individually and is reusable. They are not destroyed if they strike a creature, nor do they have a 50% chance of breaking if they miss although they can be lost just as easily as any other arrow that misses. The price listed below is for a single arrow of penetration.

CL 10th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, keen edge, divine power; Cost 9,361 gp + 720 XP; Market Price: 18,361 gp

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