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Symbol: A knight
Home Plane: Earthrealm
Alignment: Chaotic Justice
Portfolio: Honor, Leadership
Favored Weapon: Sword
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More information...

Anglo is the greatest Dark Knight of all time. In his human form he has a white hair, sharp eye, and cold appearance. He is really great swordmaster even in battlefield alone, he can defeat thousand of enemies with his sword. He always carry his sword everywhere he go. As it is said, the sword is really sharp. It can bleed someone by only touching it. In his legend, he have done many great things such as capable killing a dragon only with his powerful knife, seal the mighty Io, or defeat the mighty Fenrir. His story are told by many version but here is the true story: Anglo, or the nameless boy was born in a small city in far, far away dimension. His mother was abandoned him when he was 5 days old. He was taken to orphanage. But until he is 10 years old, the orphanage destroyed by a group of Dragon. He run into the forest with the other kids in the orphanage when finally a group of Dark Knight found them. The Dark Knight train them all into the vicious killer. The final test of them is to killed someone they really love, their friends or their lover. After he shared so many blood in his hand, he only need to kill his lover. But when he see the girl, he ran away from the Knight Guild. He is betrayed by his friend, his teacher, and a man who he figured as his father. By run across the guild with the girl, he started a new life. A year after his run, he make the girl pregnant who became his wife. Their life are really hard, they get betrayed by thousand of people. While they move, Anglo also training with his sword. Finally they met the Demon King, Relhala. He offer them a good place but with a price. Anglo must killed 10,000 humans in order to have a safe place. After Anglo kill 10,000 humans, he finally bound with the demon. He's much more gore and sadistic but when he sees himslef like that, he only think that he sacrifice much just for his family. When he lead the army to attack his hometown, he met his true mother. His mother are very disappointed and drowning in sorrow, his mother are trying to kill Anglo. Without any choice, he killed her sadly. After so many betrayed, his rage are grow large too. When his back he got news that his wife are taking captive by the Demon King. With rage he destroy and brake the way into Relhala throne. Being tricked, he was defeated by Relhala. Before he died he want to see his wife and his child but instead his wife would cry for him, his wife was asked to kill Anglo by the Demon King. Without rejection his wife was stabbed and ripped his heart. After betrayed so many by the people he love, he scream in rage so great that finally with his rage, he become the heartless YOG-SOTHOTH. After he become the colossal God of Gods he destroyed his universe. But before the universe destroyed, the twins was born and teleported into far realm. Now all of the people across the billions of universe is known him by Yog-Sothoth, the living multiverse.


There is no dogma for Anglo because there is no followers

Clergy and Temples[edit]

There is only one memorial temple built for him near the knight's den in earthrealm.


There is no pantheon for Anglo.

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