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Advanced Prestidigitation
Universal [Prestidigitation]
Level: Bard 2nd, Sorc/Wiz 2nd
Components: V , S
Casting time: Standard action
Range: 60 ft
Target, or Effect: See description
Duration: 1 hour/per caster level (max 20)
Saving Throw: none
Spell Resistance: None

Advanced prestidigitation is a spell which performs slightly stronger tricks than its predecessor, all dependent on the level of the caster. Once cast it allows you to perform magical tricks and effects; the duration of the spell is 1 hour/per caster level (max 20).

Once per round you can use Advanced Prestidigitation to lift 1 pound/per caster level (max 5).

Like its predecessor it can color, clean or soil objects, but at a rate of 1 cubic foot per caster (max 5). You can also heat, cool, or flavor 1 lb. of nonliving material per caster level (max 5). The maximum ranges in temperature are between 100 degrees C or 212 degrees F for heating materials, and 0 degrees C, or 32 degrees F, to chill materials. If used on a living creature, it takes a full round of concentration to bring them to the desired temperature, upon which the affected creature will take 1D4 cold damage or 1d4+1 fire damage. As with the original prestidigitation you may change an object's taste, odor, or flavor, though it still maintains the properties of whatever substance it is. As always, this spell also produces many minor magic tricks, so there are unlimited possibilities to this spells capabilities (Though its effects are always open to the DM's discretion).

A caster using Advanced prestidigitation can replicate objects (1 lb/per caster level ((max 5))), though the items must be inorganic and do not provide sustenance. The items look mundane in quality and last 1hr/per caster level(max 3). You cannot replicate precious metals or minerals. A caster cannot create any material that exceeds 1gp in its cost. Along with creating objects, Advanced prestidigitation can color nonliving objects, adding or changing existing color schemes or creating new schemes, even replicating patterns. The caster can use this to camouflage his body to match a single object (such as a masonry wall)Doing so provides a bonus on the character's Hide check (1/2 caster level; maximum +5 at 10th) so long as he remains in contact with the object in question and maintains concentration. A caster may induce 1 color change per 3 caster levels(max 5). The area limit of 1 cubic foot per caster level still applies. Color changes, as well as flavor changes, last forever unless effecting a living person. in which case it fades at a rate of one day per caster level. (5 days max)

Quick reference:
Lift 1 LB per caster level (max 5)
Color clean, or soil 1 Cubic FT cube per caster level(max 5)
Chill, Heat, or Flavor 1LB per caster level (max5) Up to a maximum of 212F or minimum 32F
Damage (Full round concentration) 1D4 Cold, or 1D4+1 Fire
induces 1 colors change per 3 caster levels (max5)

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