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I developed this because I felt that there was no accounting for the random events that naturally seem to occur in a characters favor, from a role-play perspective. Usually, these only occur at the mechanical level (when the dice rolls).


Characters have all skills adjusted by their Luck modifier divided by two (rounded down).


  • 8 luck is a -1/2, rounded down to 0. No change.
  • 12 luck is +1/2, rounded down to 0. No change.
  • 14 luck is +2/2, +1 to all skills.
  • 7 luck is -2/2, -1 to all skills.

Characters have the DC of their spells increased by +1 for their Luck modifier divided by two (rounded down).

Characters add their Luck modifier to their rolls to confirm critical hits (not to attack).

Luck-Related Feats[edit]

Luckiest – Requires 15 Luck, Character Level 5

  • "Your good luck has resulted in a false sense of accomplishment."
  • You gain 5% of the experience need for your next level upon leveling up.

Supernatural Luck – Requires 13 Luck, Luck of Heroes

  • "Your luck holds out when others' does not."
  • You gain an additional +1 luck bonus to all saving throws.

Jack of All Trades – Requires 18 Luck, At least 5 skills with base values of 10 or more (before bonuses)

  • "You are exceptionally talented in all you do."
  • You gain an addition +1 to all skills.

Lucky Blow (Slash, Pierce, Bludgeon) – Requires 14 Luck, Improved Critical (Slash, Pierce, Bludgeon)

  • "You are especially proficient in finding critical parts of your opponents anatomy—sometimes, it seems, by accident."
  • Gain an additional +1 to confirm critical hits with the chosen weapon type.

Lucky Shot – Requires 14 Luck, Improved Critical (Ranged)

  • "Your ranged attacks are more effective than would normally be expected."
  • Gain an additional +1 to confirm critical hits with ranged weapons.

Please note that if you decide to implement this in your campaign, you must adjust your method of ability score creation to compensate for this. When using 28 or 32 point system, add an additional 2-6 points (at your discretion). When using the d6 system, just have the players roll an extra score for each set.

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