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3.5e Fighter Feats, Ranged Attack

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Fighter Feats: Fighter feats are those that pertain to skill in martial combat. Fighters may choose among these feats when gaining a bonus feat from their class. These feats are also available to any class that meets the prerequisites, unless otherwise specified.

Ranged Attack Feats[edit]

These feats improve your ability with ranged attacks.

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Table: Ranged Attack Feats
Feat Prerequisites Benefit
4.25 Anything Goes Long Dex 13, BAB +4 You can throw nearly anything - ale tankards, rocks, bags of coins - and make it hurt.
4.35 Axe Hurling Weapon Focus (any One Axe Weapon) You can throw any axe.
4.10 Bow Mastery BAB +3, Weapon Focus (any Bow Or Crossbow) You are adept with either bows or crossbows.
Bow Sniper BAB +1, Weapon Focus (Longbow, Shortbow or Greatbow) You are skilled at using a bow to strike vulnerable spots.
Crossbow Dead-Eye Weapon Focus (any crossbow), Weapon Specialization (any crossbow), BAB +6 or better. Fire slow but deadly.
- Dead-Eye Dex 17, BAB +1, Point Blank Shot, Weapon Focus (Any Ranged Weapon) You can carefully target enemies to add your level to ranged attack rolls
- Devastating Shot Dex 17, BAB +8, Well Practiced Aim As a full-round action, you can make a single Ranged attack with a Firearm with such percision and timing that it does double damage. You may not make any other attacks in the round for any reason, including attacks of opportunity and extra attacks granted by Rapid Shot.
4.15 Elven Archery Elf or half-elf, Dex 13, Point Blank Shot, BAB +4 You are an expert in the art of elven archery.
4.10 Expert Aim Precise Shot, BAB +6 You may attack with exacting precision, resulting in extra damage.
Fast Reload Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Repeating Heavy or Light Crossbow), Weapon Focus (Repeating Heavy or Light Crossbow) You can reload a repeating crossbow as a move action.
Improved Fast Reload Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Repeating Heavy or Light Crossbow), Fast Reload, Weapon Focus (Repeating Heavy or Light Crossbow), Weapon Specialization (Repeating Heavy or Light Crossbow) You can reload a repeating crossbow as a free action and provoke no attack of opportunity.
Firearm Sniper Proficiency with at least one firearm, Weapon Focus (any firearm), BAB +1 You are adept in lining up accurate, deadly shots with your gun.
Improved Firearm Sniper Firearm Sniper, Precise Shot, BAB +6 You are even more adept in lining up accurate, deadly shots with your gun.
Improved Crossbow Sniper Crossbow Sniper (Player's Handbook II page 77), Precise Shot, base attack bonus +6. Your ability to line up accurate and deadly shots with your crossbow improves.
4.45 Improved Far Shot Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, BAB +2 You can attack with ranged weapons more accurately at long range.
4.25 One Handed Crossbow Shot Dex 13 You ignore penalties for firing a crossbow with one hand. *
4.25 Opportunity Shot BAB +8, Dex 13, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot You shoot so fast that you can make ranged attacks of opportunity at point-blank range.
4.44 Pinpoint Shot Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot You take aim with ranged weapons more accurately when staying still.
4.05 Ranged Shield Pin Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, BAB +2 You have mastered the art of striking an opponent's shield to knock it out of line, rendering it useless for defense.
4.00 Stone Thrower Just as monks can slay with their fists your skill turns a common stone into a dangerous missile.
Well Practiced Aim Character Level 12, Precise Shot Power attack with ranged weapon.

Top-level feats in this list are organized alphabetically

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