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This page serves as a basic description of Primordials as a whole.


Primordials are creatures of chaos in the purest sense. That being said, they have incredibly variable lifespans. In the furthest reaches of the Elemental Chaos any given primordial may be born, live and die in a matter of moments. Whereas a powerful primordial driven by an equally powerful need, desire or mission can maintain their life nearly indefinitely, if not their form.


Most primordials are formed up of pure chaotic energy, constantly shifting form to such an extent that they have none, though these rarely live long enough for most to see them.Most oft seen primordials, however, are restricted to a single form which may alter over time. Most Primordial forms are based upon a single element or a combination of two or three(storm, blizzard, etc.)

    A good baseline for thinking up forms, and/or a good place to steal statistics for lower tier primordials are
    the archons and elementals from the 4th edition monster manual. 


Most primordial forms can be classified into one of several base roles.


Karnates(sometimes reffered to as Kars(derogatory)) are truly chaos incarnate. They have a lifespan of anywhere from a few moments all the way up to several months. Karnates are barely sapient(sentient?) and are all but incapable of existing for long without a more intelligent creature giving them purpose. Their shapes and sizes are as varied as (clever metaphor here.) They are occassionally pressed into service as lower tier messengers or guards by more powerful primordials or even mortal wizards overstepping their bounds. All that said, most live their entire lives and cease to be inside the swirl of the Elemental Chaos.


The Solidarum form the bulk of the primordial armies. Nothing even remotely like them existed amongst the primordials before they came into contact with the Deities Prime, Serving as yet another example of how they often impose order simply by existing. Within the ranks of the Solidarum there are several standard foot soldier forms, as well as less common specialty or unique forms.

 The Solidarum are the group within the primordials whom I would most strongly recommend the Arcons (pg. 18, Monster Manual) as
 references for both combat statistics and physical characteristics.


The Outcasts are a unique group, and no longer really a part of the 'Primordial' as a whole. The first generation were the results of Shir's experiments during his ascension towards becoming a deity. Twisted by Vec'cir's desire for order, he captured his fellow primordials, and wrapped them in numerous magical bindings until they were ... uniform. Thus were the four elemental races created(The Glacidai,Ardai, Avidai, and the Lapidai), over time they began to find themselves a place among the other mortals of Ta'Ril, though they are still the Outcasts to the primordials.

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