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Kelt of Vaerya[edit]

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As an independent republic of free citizens, it is a land where magic, stealth, and war-craft blend seamlessly together, and heroes are desperately needed. Evil hides around every corner, and it is high time the good folk of the world stepped in to take back their peace and freedom. Here you will find all you need to start, run, and play a campaign in Kelt including culture, geography, climate, religion, common organizations, politics, and even a fully fleshed out city to get you started.

Geography and Climate[edit]

Climate in Kelt resembles modern England, in that summers are warm but not blistering, and winters are mild with lots and lots of rain, and occasional snow. It is important to note that the further south you go, the colder it gets in general as the eastern continent is below the equator.

The city of Andola is placed in the middle of a fertile valley covered in farmland. To the north lies the fortress city of Dun Draga, a dwarven stronghold deep in the mountains. To the south east lie the wetlands, a swampy dark forest that is practically impenetrable. The swamplands is known to be full of trolls, witches and other unsavory creatures, and honest folk are wary of straying too deep. Southwest of the wetlands lie the Azrith plains, a sprawling open valley where minotaur and centaur tribes are at war. Even further west is the Mantoi lake, the culminating point of the White Rage River, and the imposing Mantoi Mountains. Northwest of the mountains lies the port city Cormyr. South of the mountains is the Caidian Forest, an ancient elven homeland. Between Caidia and the city of Kelt lie the southern mountain range, which is covered in the forest known as the Mistwood. Surrounding the city of Kelt is a vast forest who's lumber supplies most of the eastern continent. The King's Road starts in Bruma, and tracks west to Andola, then south to Cormyr, and then around the mountains and Mantoi lake to end in Caidia. Caravans containing lumber from the city of Kelt track through a pass in the southern mountains and meet up with the King's Road south of Mantoi Lake.

Culture and Religion[edit]

Culture in Kelt resembles a very wealthy, prosperous medieval country. There is a distinction between commoners and nobles, but that distinction is made by birth, not wealth. More of a capitalistic country than a feudalistic one, wealth goes to those who work hard, rather than those who are born into it. Commoners can be and often are land owners. Arcane practitioners are a sought after commodity, and schools of the arcane can be found in any major city. Having a wizard in your employ is a symbol of wealth, and often flaunted.

Religion in Kelt is pretty one sided, as the vast majority of the Keltish worship the Vaeryan Seven. The Church of the Seven seeks to guide the Keltish people on the path to righteousness, and holds little political power. Shrines to other non-evil deities can be found in major cities, but are often neglected. Cults who worship the dark gods must be secret, as the Church of the Seven actively hunts down these cults to end their malign influence.

Cities and Politics[edit]


The city of Andola is lead by King Faelan, who's line has held the throne for thousands of years. Ruling alongside the king is a counsel of 11 elected officials who balance and check the king's power. Andola is the capital of Kelt, and all other cities in Kelt pay taxes to Andola. In return, Andola's armies patrol the King's Road, and strike teams employed by the crown are often commissioned to seek out monsters that cause trouble with smaller villages. Andola's standing army rarely sees use, as Kelt is a peaceful nation.


The city of Cormyr is led by a counsel made up of the leaders of the trade guilds. These guilds often conspire against each other to gain more wealth and power in the city. Political power is equal to wealth here, and vice versa. Anyone in Cormyr can be bought... for a price. Cormyr is also the home base of the Red Hand, a thieving syndicate that is largely tolerated by the city officials due to it's penchant for non-violent crimes and the way it controls the criminal populace.


The city of Bruma is a peaceful fishing and port city on the east coast of Kelt. Led by a counsel of six elected officials, Bruma appears at first glance to be a fairly regular city. Beneath the city's facade of trade and fishing however, lies a widespread cult following to the Avatar of Creation Aborius. The cult is aggressive and pushes it's beliefs on any who visit for more than a few days, and non-believers are often harassed mercilessly or drowned in the harbor. Citizens know to keep to themselves to avoid trouble, making for a very unfriendly population to outsiders.


The city of Caidia holds a very large population of elves compared to other cities, and is very strict. The laws are harsh and unyielding, and the government, lead by the half-elven queen Megana holds the city in an iron grip. Visitors are usually impressed at the significant lack of crime in Caidia, though the city hides a dark secret. Once a month, during the full moon the were-rats leave the sewers and roam the streets, looking to infect more people and expand their criminal activities. The population of these were-rats is surprisingly high, and anyone could be one of them. The were-rats are organized into a sort of guild in the sewers, where they hide from the law during the light of day.


The city of Kelt was the first city established on the Eastern continent, and wandering through the city shows it's heritage. Old buildings are everywhere, and historical significance is very important to it's people. Known far and wide as a capital of learning and education, Kelt holds the Arcane College, where students must prove themselves to become members of the Mage's Guild. Lead by the Mage's Guild itself, Kelt values learning above all else, and it's libraries are known world wide. The politics between the different factions of mages can get heated at times, as each vies for power within the laws laid down by the guild.

Common Organizations[edit]


The Redcloaks are an organization of knights and clerics who denounce arcane magic as evil. Blinded by zealotry, they spend most of their time hunting rogue witches and wizards. Led by the Lord General Mathias Gray, they are a potent political force, and almost always oppose the Arcane Order, regardless of the issue. Wearing their signature red cloaks and gold armor, their crusade is never ending. They rarely bother spellcasters within major cities, as arcane magic is not against the law, and they have no jurisdiction to persecute them but if they catch a wizard outside of city limits, they may decide to attempt to capture him. They are fond of torturing arcane practitioners into confessing to horrible crimes in order to push their political agenda and support the notion that arcane magic is evil. They have strongholds scattered through out Kelt, and a large number of standing troops at any given time. Their patrols wander the country, making trouble frequently and with little regard for the law.

The Arcane Order

The Arcane Order is a network of schools and colleges geared towards teaching the arcane arts. Home to wizards, sorcerers, and even bards, these schools act to control the power of the arcane. The Arcane Order is the only place where scrolls higher than fourth level can be found outside of hidden treasure or illegal smuggled merchandise. In order to gain access to these scrolls, a caster must pass the Test of the Order, a difficult and dangerous test to determine if the practitioner is morally, mentally, and physically capable of handling higher arcane power. The requirements to take the test are the ability to cast fourth level arcane spells, and the recommendation of a licensed practitioner. Once a practitioner passes the test, he may make use of all the benefits of the Arcane Order, including purchasing powerful magic items and scrolls. By advancing in power, practitioners may ascend the ranks of the Arcane Order up to and including the highest position of Archmage. Other titles include in order: initiate, journeyman, mage, master, and grand master. These titles are earned by performing demonstrations for the wizard council, having duels with other practitioners, and by holding teaching or political positions within the Arcane Order.

The Tinkerer's Union

The Tinkerers are an unusual bunch of scientists and casters who practice the art of technomancy. Creating new technologies by combining science and magic, they are at the bleeding edge of development in Kelt. Their prize invention, the massive airship Commodor is their base of operations, but they have many laboratories throughout the country. They place very high importance on participating in government, and are a very strong political force in Kelt. With the common good in mind, they push the boundaries of knowledge.


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