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Demon's Maw: There were originally six Demon’s Maw javelins in existence, crafted by a dark prince of the lower hells. This demon passed them on to his generals to capture his enemies, that he might “interrogate” them at his leisure at a later date. The prince was destroyed when his generals turned on him, and the battles between them caused such devastation on their plane that it is still uninhabitable today. The survivors scattered to other planes and some of the javelins have found their way into other hands…including one held with mixed emotions on the Material Plane by an order of paladins dedicated to slaying demons.

Each Demon’s Maw is a +2 javelin. The weapon has the appearance of smooth carbon, although it is specially treated steel, and the grip is made from what appears to be a rat’s tail entwined about the shaft. The head is carved with many leering, demonic mouths on both sides, which sometimes move about and silently articulate profane words in the Abyssal tongue. Once per day the wielder may invoke a binding spell (minimus containment form) upon a creature stuck by the weapon. The creature may attempt a Will saving throw (DC 18) to resist the effect; failure means the visage of a gaping maw appears to unfold from the point of the javelin, biting and swallowing the rapidly shrinking target. The wielder may release a bound captive with a command word.

Some of the javelins have been imbued with other properties since the generals scattered to the planes. For example, one was crafted with the flaming burst property and is now called Hellmouth, while another was instilled with the unholy ability and is known as Celestial Slayer.

Caster Level: 15th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, binding; Market Price: 104,301 gp; Cost to Create: 52,301 gp + 4,160 XP.

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