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Beshero’s Sling of Thunderstones: Each of these +1 sonic slings is made of brown striped leather made from a destrachan’s hide. The first of these weapons was created by Beshero, a sorcerer known to carry dozens of potions and alchemical flasks. After a disastrous encounter with a destrachan that destroyed all of his potions and glassware, Eshero skinned the slain beast and used its hide to make several of these magic slings, some of which he sold. He used his sling to great effect later in his career, but its magic failed him when he faced another destrachan in the lair of a mind flayer, and he was killed.

Any sling bullet hurled from the sling is transformed into a thunderstone (these thunderstones cannot be saved or stockpiled, reverting to sling bullets within 1 round if they do not strike a hard surface). The thunderstone does damage as if it were a sling bullet, plus the normal effects of a sonic weapon (+1d6 sonic damage with a successful hit), plus the effects of the thunderstone. If the thunderstone misses, treat it as a normal grenade-like weapon attack by determining direction and distance from the target.

If an actual thunderstone is used in the sling instead of a bullet, the DC of the thunderstone’s deafening effect increases to 20. Spells such as magic weapon and greater magic weapon affect the bullets normally (or actual thunderstones, if such are used), and the thunderstones created from such bullets gain the benefits of the spell.

Within the area of a silence spell, the sling’s sonic quality still functions but the thunderstone’s deafening bang has no effect since the stone is expended as normal when it strikes a hard surface.

Due to a quirk of the crafting of these items, destrachans are immune to the sonic damage and the deafness effects of bullets or thunderstones hurled from the sling, but are still affected by the normal bludgeoning damage.

Caster Level: 5th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Alchemy 5 ranks, blindness/deafness; Market Price: 18,300 gp; Cost to Create: 9,300 gp + 720 XP.

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