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Belt of Retribution[edit]

Price: 150,000 gp

Body Slot: Belt

Activation: Passive

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A belt of fine, dark purple silk is connected by two metal clips of dark iron that when conjoined are circular and about the size of a small buckler. It has three gems. on the right a white gem is embedded into the dark iron. On the left a black gem embedded in the same way. on the latch in the middle is a gray gem embedded like the other two.

Upon placing the belt on, it will lock with an audible clicking noise. Should anyone attempt to harm the wearer, cut the belt, or any other object the wearer is wearing with a melee attack, the black gem will flare up and the belt will blind them with a black light that steals their sight (-20 to hit) until their next turn even if it is the wearer. Should anyone attempt to cast magic on the wearer (even if they are casting on themselves), the white gem will flare up and the belt will blind them with a white light that breaks their concentration disrupting the spell regardless as to weather the spell was meant to harm or help the subject. Ranged attacks and unwillfull damage (such as from getting thrown into the wearer) will not trigger the belt. The belt will not come off unless a magic touch attack specifically targeting the gray is executed. If a touch attack is executed, the gray gem will flare up, and the belt will release and fall to the ground. No other gems will flare if the gray gem is targeted.

Prereqs: Craft Wondrous Item

Cost to Create: 450,000gp, 20,000 XP, 2 Weeks

Worn by: Elizibeth Greenwell

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