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Demon Prince of Rape, King of Rape, Prince of Pain, Zylph of Zidrilheim, Nililious

Demon Prince
Symbol: The Silhouette of a Person being Sexually Violated
Home Plane: The House of Pain and Zidrilheim, 600th and 601st Layers of the Abyss
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Abuse, Domination, Pain, Rape, Scorned Lovers
Worshipers: Rapists and Sadists
Clergy Alignments: NE, CE
Domains: Domination, Lust, Pain
Favored Weapon: Whip
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More information...

Zylph of Zidrilheim is a slender, well built demon with oily, black, metallic skin that glistens in the light and bleached white hair fashioned up in a cone-like style. His black body is covered in white tattoos and his eyes are said to have been made from smoothed topazes. Zylph was once know as Nililious, a high lord in the Seven Heavens, but after lusting for a mortal woman and taking her against her will, and act that he relished in, was cast into the Abyss where he claimed the layer that he landed on as his own, naming himself Zylph. He eventually conquered the layer above Zidrilheim as well, christening it "The House of Pain" where he abuses and violates the lesser demons and the souls of those he has duped into serving him.


Zylph seeks to spread his seed and inflict pain in the most violent ways possible. He enjoys having lesser beings writhe under him in agony as he mercilessly takes them.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Zylph keeps no organized worship. Those that venerate him do so in secret, performing heinous acts in his name. His most common worshipers are rapists and those that take pleasure in inflicting pain on others.


Zylph is part of the Sosfronii Pantheon as an unaffiliated Demon Prince. He has no ties to the Prime Evil's Court nor does he align himself with any of the other princes.


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