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Misunderstood and sometimes unruly, Zurrens are touched by acid.


Zurrens are ugly, uncivilized creatures, who are regarded by all outsiders with a mixture of repulsion, scorn and (amongst good-aligned outsiders) pity. They are quite aware of this, which leads them in turn to have spiteful attitudes towards anyone else. Zurrens generally band together in small communities that live on the hills in the swamps that make up their land and even though they may not interact much, a Zurren will defend fellow Zurrens in his or her own community, if only out of fear of becoming an outcast. Zurrens have an obsession with building things and the size of your dwelling is considered the main standard of wealth amongst them. This is to be expected in a land where both building ground and materials are in short supply. When clearing out a dungeon, a Zurren will not pay much attention to the gold that is laying around, but rather attempt to claim the building for himself.

Physical Description[edit]

At full height, Zurrens are approximately 5 1/5 to 6 feet tall, with the men being a bit taller than women. However, they have a tendency to stoop, which makes them appear shorter. They have thick limbs in comparison to their body size. Their skin color can vary from a dull grey to brownish green. Zurrens are quite skilled at telling where another Zurren is from by the exact hue of his skin (even if this difference is almost unnoticeable by outsiders). They continuously sweat out a mild acid (not quite strong enough to eat through metal or cloth quickly, but metal has a tendency to rust fast in their care), which creates a somewhat unpleasant odour to outsiders. Their hair is thin, black and has a tendency to cling to their skin. The white of their eyes is a light shade of grey, while their irises are brown or green.


They are not quite as self-centered as Sarandors but simply have trouble communicating with others and therefore prefer to be alone.

Zurrens are native to Eles-Perdna and co-exist with Sirilians, Irinsians, Salandrians, Karnins, Mahrdians, Tanathans, Sarandors and Lumins.


Usually Neutral Evil.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Low-Light Vision: A Zurren can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight and similar conditions of poor illumination.
  • Horrible taste (su): Any creature that bites a Zurren must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 11+ Zurren's Constitution modifier) or be nauseated until the end of its next turn. If a creature with an Intelligence of 2 or lower fails its saving throw, it will not willingly bite the Zurren again. If someone attempts to direct the creature to bite again, then he must succeed on a Handle Animal check to force the creature. This check must be made every time he attempts to make the creature bite again. Creatures that are immune to poison, acid or lack the ability to taste are unaffected by this ability. This ability functions like a permanent horrible taste spell (SC 116).
  • Corroding touch (su): A Zurren can concentrate a more potent acid to his hands. For every minute that he lays his hands on a metal, wooden, cloth or rope object, the break DC decreases by 2. Magic items are immune to this effect. This ability is too slow to have any function in combat.
  • Natural Armor: Zurrens have a +1 Natural Armor bonus to AC due to tougher than normal skin.
  • Immunities: Zurrens are immune to acid and poison. However, lyewater (available for the same price as acid) damages them like acid.
  • Spell-like abilities: A Zurren with an Intelligence or Wisdom score of at least 10 gains spell-like abilities, depending on its Hit Dice, as indicated on the table below. The abilities are cumulative and usable once per day, unless otherwise noted. Caster level equals the Zurren's HD and the save DC is Intelligence based.
Spell-like Abilities : Zurren
HD Ability
1-2 acid splash , corrosive grasp
3-4 enlarge person, babau slime
5-6 conjure acid (^see text), permanency 1/month (^^see text), Melf's acid arrow
7-8 corrosive grasp 3/day (replaces previous),acid breath, amorphous form
9-10 stinking cloud, resist energy 3/day
11-12 orb of acid, rusting grasp, acid splash 3/day (replaces previous)
13-14 vitriolic sphere, miasma of entropy
15-16 acid fog, acid storm
17-18 summon monster VIII (Gargantuan Fiendish Monstrous Spider)
19-20 red tide

^conjure acid
Level: Equivalent of a 3rd level spel
Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: Touch
Target: 1 inanimate object
Duration: 1 round/level

Conjure acid allows a Zurren to cause an inanimate fine object (if a large object, such as a wall, is selected, then an area of tiny size is affected) to start secreting acid with a touch. Every three rounds, enough acid is produced to fill one flask of acid or coat one weapon (preferably non-metallic) with acid, which will deal an extra 1d6 acid damage on the next hit. If this ability is used on a metallic object, the object takes 1d6 acid damage/round. This ability cannot be used on a magical item.

^^A Zurren of character level 5 or higher can use permanency once per month. This use does not cost any XP, but can only be used on the Zurren's conjure acid, stinking cloud and acid fog spell-like abilities. If the ability is used on the conjure acid ability, then the touched object or surface will continue to produce acid. While this process is quite slow, over longer periods of time, enough acid can be produced to fill up holes, chambers or even moats. The acid will eventually evaporate or disassociate, but multiple uses of this ability can produce significant obstacles. Zurrens mostly use this ability to fortify their strongholds and settlements.

  • Automatic Languages: Ancient Animean, Zurren. Bonus Languages: Madaran, Mahrdian
  • Level Adjustment: +3


Some spells in the spell-like abilities are derived from the Spell Compendium.

All the races of Eles-Perdna are part of a homebrewed campaign. However, they can be easily adapted to any setting. All you need is one or more planes with strong elemental traits (such as elemental planes or the abyss) and have some adapted humanoids live there.

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