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A "race's compendium" race created by


Pronounced as "Surreal" but with a Z.


Any two given Zurreal are different, not because of any inherently chaotic nature, but simply because it is really a grouping for the distant descendants of countless different widely varying extraplanar entities.

Physical Description[edit]


The Zurreal are beings with a speck of unspecific outsider heritage, usually from the far realms of insanity.







Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 con,+2 int,-2 wis: Zurreals have a disturbing resilience and inhumanoid intelligence, but they are somewhat distant from reality.
  • Outsider Type: Zurreals are outsiders with the native subtype. They are immune to spells that affect only humanoids, such as charm person and dominate person.
  •  :
  • base land speed is feet:
  • -2 to handle animal, animal empathy, survival, and knowledge(nature) checks: Zurreal are possessed of an inherent quality that is abhorrent to and incongruent with the natural world.
  • +2 to all knowledge checks: Zurreals have a keen memory and seem to pull some information out of thin air, often reciting things that they could not and should not have learned.
  • Alien Knowledge: Once per day a zurreal may tap into its uncanny wealth of inherited memories to make a bardic knowledge check at a -2 penalty (the racial bonus to knowledge checks does not apply to the bardic knowledge ability). Zurreal Bards can use this ability to instead give them a +1 bonus to a single bardic knowledge check.
  • +2 to knowledge(the planes) checks and knowledge(arcana) checks: Zurreal are familiar with the numerous universes and aracane lore even if they have little or no exposure to it. This stacks with their bonus to all knowledge checks.
  • Alien Mind: Zurreals are somewhat "off", and the functioning of their thoughts is out of sync with all other mentalities. They suffer a -1 penalty to sense motive, gather information, diplomacy, read lips, and innuendo checks. Other creatures suffer the same penalties towards them. They get a +2 racial bonus against language-dependant spells and a +1 bonus to saves against all mind-affecting spells.
  • +2 racial bonus to saves against confusion and insanity effects: Zurreal's level of detachment and mild insanity seems to somehow make them more resilient to effects that drive creatures outright raving mad.
  • Alien Physiology: All heal and knowledge(anatomy) checks and rolls to confirm a critical towards a Zurreal suffer a -2 penalty. They have a kind of queer biological redundancy and irregularity that goes against normal medical and evolutionary logic.
  • Unnatural Allergy: Due to their alien chemical and supernatural nature each Zurreal has some substance that has a harmful effect on them. Contact with a significant amount (1 pound or more) forces them to make a fortitude save dc:13 or be nauseated for one round. After successfully saving the zurreal will not need to save against the substance for the next minute. Prolonged exposure to such a substance deals one temporary constitution damage each hour, negated by a fortitude save dc:10+number of hours spent in contact. A weapon crafted of such a substance has a +2 bonus to damage rolls against them. The substance functions as an ingested poison against them if eaten in amount greater than 1/10th of a pound, dealing initial damage 2con and 2str with secondary damage 1d4cha, save dc:10+pounds of substance ingested times ten. Randomly select one from table below.
  • Unearthly Aversion: All Zurreals have some inexplicable phobia. Encountering the object of phobia forces them to make a will save dc:10+hd of phobia object+charisma of phobia object or be shaken for the duration of the encounter. Randomly select one from table below.
  • Alien Quality: Zurreals have some special trait from their otherworldly ancestors. Choose any one from table below or roll two randomly.
  • Alien Power: Zurreals each possess a unique ability from their xenomorphic parentage. Choose any one from table below or roll two randomly.
  • Spell-Like Ability: Light and Detect Magic, once per day, caster level 1, dc charisma based.
  • Psi-Like Ability: Empathy, manifester level 1, dc intelligence based.
  • Automatic Languages: . Bonus Languages: .
  • Favored Class: None.
  • Level Adjustment: +1.
Unnatural Allergy
d12 Outcome
1-2 Cold Iron
2-4 Silver
5 Gold
6 Straw
7-8 Wood
9-11 Salt
12 Fruits
Unearthly Aversion
d12 Outcome
1 Goblinoids
2 Fey
3 Plant Creatures
4 Elves and gnomes
5 Elementals
6 Giant Vermin
7 Druids and Rangers
8 Creatures 2 or more size classes larger
9 Creatures 2 or more size classes smaller (with 1hd or more)
10 Clerics and Paladins
11 Undead
12 Humans and half-humans
Alien Quality
d100 Outcome
1-7 Acid Resistance 5
8-15 Electricity Resistance 5
16-24 Fire Resistance 5
25-27 Amorphous (can't be flanked, immune to critical hits, no fixed shape)
28-30 Horrific Appearance (-2 diplomacy, gather info, and bluff, +3 intimidate, attackers suffer a -1 morale penalty)
31-35 Rubbery skin: +1 natural armor bonus
36-41 Gravity Defiance(pi): subject to constant catfall effect
42-63 Third Eye: Glowing blue eye gives +1 to spot, search, scry, and +1 insight bonus to ac.
64-68 Ungodly Density: DR1/(allergy)
69-74 Unwholesome Recovery: Natural healing heals an extra 1 point of hp per three class levels plus 1.
75-84 Impossible Immune System: +1 to fortitude saves, +3 to saves against poison and disease
84-87 Inexplicable Knack: +3 to any one skill
88-89 Suspicious Fortune: +1 luck bonus to all saving throws
90-91 Disquieting Foresight:+1 insight bonus to attack rolls and AC
92-94 Abominable Flexibility: +1 to reflex saves, +3 to escape artist and tumble checks
95-97 Piercing eyes: low-light vision, darkvision 75ft, +2 spot and search
98-00 Otherworldly Senses: blindsight 20ft, +2 on search checks to track extraplanar creatures and scry checks
Alien Power
d100 Ability
1-12 Lesser Confusion(sp): Twice per day, charisma based dc, caster level 2
13-23 Summon Third Eye(pi): Once per day the Zurreal may cause a large eyeball to emerge from its forehead. This eyeball has a size of diminutive, AC of 14, 1hp, acts on your round and is destroyed at 0hp. It sees with your vision, has a fly speed of 5ft(perfect), and cannot travel more than 30ft+5ft per two character levels from you. It grants you a +2 synergy bonus to spot and search checks, and can allow you to flank an opponent. You can imbue one psi-like ability, spell-like ability, or zero-level psionic power in the eye upon its summoning, and it uses your manifester/caster level and your dc. It has an attack bonus (melee or ranged) of +1 for every three levels you possess. The eye has an effective reach of 5ft for its touch attacks so it normally does not provoke an attack of opportunity. The eye lasts for a number of rounds equal to 5 plus one half your character level. If you also possess the special quality third eye, the eye has 1d4 addition hit points and a +1 synergy bonus to it's attack rolls and dcs.
24-37 Color Spray(sp): Twice per day, caster level 2
38-48 Mind Warp(su): As a standard action, once per minute, a Zurreal can assault the mind of another sentient creature with a barrage of bizarre feelings and memories from their ancestor. This forces the creature to make a will save dc:10+1/2 the Zurreal's class level+the Zurreal's intelligence modifier or take 1 point of temporary wisdom damage and suffer a delirious disorientation as the incomprehensible thoughts buzz around in their head, incurring a -3 penalty to attack rolls, and forcing then to make a concentration check dc:10+zurreal's int mod to successfully cast a spell or manifest a psionic power, but they gain a +1 bonus to all knowledge checks and can make a single bardic knowledge check at a -3 penalty. The latter effects persist for as long as the Zurreal can maintain concentration plus 1d4 rounds.
49-54 Alternate Form(su): Once per day, as a free action the zurreal can call upon its unnatural ancestry to assume a shape more fitting with its heritage. It's clothing and equipment meld away, it's appendages warp and twist, and its flesh flows like water. In this shape it possess the special traits amorphous, all-around vision (+4 spot and search, can't be flanked), horrific appearance, acid, fire and electricity resistance 5, DR1/-, natural armor+1, swim, burrow, and climb speeds of 20ft, and SR equal to 5 plus its character level. It gets 1d6 temporary hit points plus one per two levels which fade when it resumes normal form. It cannot use manufactured weapons or shields in this form, but armor melds with its flesh and adds to its natural armor bonus. They cannot speak coherently in this shape, spells with verbal components suffer a 10% chance of failure and it takes a wisdom check dc:15 to understand a given utterance. In lue of unarmed strike they gain a number of attacks equal to 1 per four class levels (minimum of 1) plus 2. They choose the nature of the attacks upon character creation (usually tentacles), but all of them deal 1d6 base damage and they are all primary attacks. Any creature witnessing this change must make a will save dc:10+1/2 level+cha mod(if bonus) or -cha mod(if penalty), or be shaken as long as it remains in this form.

The creature can stay in its alternate form for a number of rounds equal to its character level.

55-65 Alien Summon(sp): Once per day, the character can summon a creature from the summon monster II list with the pseudo-natural template applied. They may choose to replace the true strike ability with color spray, lesser confusion, or blur, but the substitution for each creature variety is decided upon character creation. The creature stays for a number of rounds equal to the character level (min one), and is already in alternate form when summoned.
66-73 Time Skip(su): Once per hour the character can travel 1d12 rounds into the future, or it can send a creature 1d6 rounds into the future with a touch attack (will save dc:10+1/2 level+cha mod negates).
74-81 Ethereal Step(su): As a standard action, once per day, the creature can travel into the ethereal plane. It remains their for one move equivalent action before returning.
82-89 Time Burst(su): Once per day, you can act as if hasted for 2d4 rounds.
90-00 Far Spheres(su): Once per day you can discharge several glowing ultraviolet spheres of energy native to the far realms. Each of these balls deals 1d4+1 damage and requires a successful ranged touch attack. You start with one sphere and gain another every three levels. A creature struck by a sphere also becomes dazzled(-1 on attack rolls) for 1 round unless it makes a fortitude save. The spheres deal double damage against fey, and cause a creature hit to be blinded for one round (fort negates) instead of dazzled foon a critical hit.

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
years + + +
Table: Aging Effects
Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
years years years + years
  1. At middle age, −1 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  2. At old age, −2 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  3. At venerable age, −3 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
Table: Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male ' " + lb. × () lb.
Female ' " + lb. × () lb.

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