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This class was created as part of the Player Equivalent CR variant rule using the Naruto: Shinobi (5e Class) class, and Genin (5e Background) background, and as such is not follow traditional CR.

Zabuza Momochi[edit]

Medium humanoid (Human), neutral evil

Armor Class 18 (Natural Armor)
Hit Points 130 (20d8 + 40)
Speed 45 ft.

14 (+2) 18 (+4) 14 (+2) 18 (+4) 12 (+1) 12 (+1)

Saving Throws Dexterity +8, Intelligence +8
Skills Acrobatics +8, Stealth +8, Perception +5
Senses passive Perception 15
Languages Common
Challenge 12 (8,400 XP)

Chakra. Zabuza has 25 chakra points which he can expend. All chakra points are regained at the end of a long rest.

Evasion. When Zabuza is targeted by an effect that allows him to make a Dexterity saving throw to take half damage on a success, he takes no damage on a success and half damage on a failure.

Assassin. When Zabuza hits an attack roll with advantage, he deals an additional 8 (2d6) damage.


Multiattack. Zabuza can make 2 unarmed strike, Kubikiribōchō, or Broken Kubikiribōchō attacks.

Kubikiribōchō. Melee Weapon Attack: +8 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 13 (2d8 + 4) slashing damage.

Broken Kubikiribōchō. Melee Weapon Attack: +8 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 11 (2d6 + 4) slashing damage.

Unarmed Strike. Melee Weapon Attack: +8 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 9 (2d4 + 4) slashing damage.

Water Bullet (1 Chakra). Ranged Spell Attack: +8 to hit, range 20 ft., one target. Hit: 8 (1d8 + 4) piercing damage.

Hidden Mist Jutsu (7 Chakra). A 40 ft. radius around Zabuza is covered in a dense fog for 1 minute or until a wind of moderate or greater speed (at least 10 miles per hour) disperses it. This area counts as heavily obscured after beyond a 5 ft. radius for any creature that is not a member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist or has the Naruto:_Shinobi_(5e_Class)#Path_of_the_Assassin


Kubikiribōchō Defense. Zabuza gains +2 AC. On a miss, the attacker still rolls for damage. If the damage roll exceeds 20, Zabuza and the attacker must make an Athletics contest. If Zabuza fails, the blade shatters, dealing 4 (1d8) magical piercing damage, and Zabuza can't make Kubikiribōchō attacks until he successfully hits 3 Broken Kubikiribōchō attacks.

Zabuza after becoming a rogue-nin, Source [[1]].

Wielding Kubikiribōchō, a large blade in the shape of a butchers knife capable of decapitate one's foe also known as "The Executioner’s Blade", Zabuza is a skilled assassin. Early in his life, he completed the Hidden Mist Village's graduation ritual on a grand scale, killing over one hundred students, despite not being a student himself, granting him the appellation of "Demon of the Hidden Mist." At some point in his travels, he recruited a young, mentally broken Haku. Becoming a rogue-nin after a failed coup d'etat, the two became illegal mercenaries in order to gain the funds necessary to recruit enough comrades to attempt another coup d'etat.

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