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Yoma-Infused is a template that can be added to any non-outsider humanoid creature. A Yoma-Infused uses the base creature's statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

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Creating a Yoma-Infused[edit]

The process of creating a Yoma-Infused is a secret held only by the Organization, and the Organization owns all those it implements such upon. The cost of doing so is left at the discretion of your GM, subject to the world and society it is intended to be performed in.

Size and Type[edit]

Add 'Outsider' to type. (Yes, this allows one to be odd combinations, but that's intentional.)

Hit Dice[edit]


Armor Class[edit]


Full Attack[edit]

Special Attacks[edit]

Special Qualities[edit]

Hidden Yoma Nature, Fast Healing 1, +2 racial bonus to Listen/Spot checks, Threat of Awakening, Language gained: Infernal, Ageless.

On recieving this template, the humanoid in question loses their racial modifiers to ability scores, as well as any racial bonuses to skill checks. They retain other qualities of their race.

Threat of Awakening: A Yoma-infused humanoid is susceptible to the urge to Awaken. Whenever a creature with the Yoma-infused template is in a stressful situation (virulent argument, combat, non-combat emergency, natural disaster, et cetera), they must make a Will save against a DC of 5 to resist the urge to Awaken. They must also make a Will save against a DC of 5 to resist the urge to Awaken once per minute so long as the situation continues. No matter the modifiers, the DC of this save cannot be reduced below 0, however a natural roll of 1 on a d20 is not an automatic failure for this specific Will save. A character who is under an Awakened state is always considered to be in a stressful situation. A character who Awakens in this manner does not need to spend an action in order to do so- it instead happens automatically. The character cannot intentionally botch, Take 1, Take 10, or Take 20 on this roll unless they possess an ability, feat, or item that specifically states it permits such an option on an Awakening roll.

To Awaken, a Yoma-infused humanoid spends a standard action heightening the outsider energies in their body (Yoma power), resulting in changes as indicated below in table 1-2: Awakening Effects. By doing so, a character who is Unawakened (default state) becomes Slightly Awakened, one who is Slightly Awakened becomes Partially Awakened, one who is Partially Awakened becomes Greatly Awakened, one who is Greatly Awakened becomes Dangerously Awakened, and one who is Dangerously Awakened becomes Fully Awakened and loses the Yoma-Infused template forever, instead gaining either the Human Awakened or Devouring Awakened template as appropriate.

A Yoma-Infused may spend a swift action to make a will save against Awakening to reduce their Awakened state by one or more stages, though the difficulty of this save is increased by +2 for each stage beyond the first that the Yoma-Infused wishes to un-Awaken.

The Will save to resist Awakening is modified by the situation the Yoma-infused person is in, usually varying based on level of stress. Modifiers can be applied by the DM for situations not covered on table 1-1: Awakening Save DC Modifiers, though the penalties should be determined by the DM. It ought to be kept in mind that some situations are naturally more stressful for people who are not accustomed to high-tension situations such as combat, and these people should recieve correspondingly higher modifiers.

Table: Awakening Save Modifiers
Situation DC Modifier
Character is at or below 3/4 HP +1
Character is at or below ½ HP +2
Character is at or below 1/4 HP (Does not stack with ½ HP modifier) +4
Family or loved one in obvious peril +2
Immediate threat of severe harm or death to +4
Yoma-infused character
Severe challenge against character’s view of the world +2
Character is Chaotic +2
Character is Evil +2
Character is dying +6
Character is under Lesser Awakening +8
Character is under Improved Awakening +16
Character is under Greater Awakening +24
Character is under Risky Awakening +32
Character is male +6
Character is Lawful -2
Character is Good -2
Table: Awakening Effects
Awakened Str Dex Con Speed Special
Slightly +1 +1 +1 +0
Partially +2 +2 +2 +5 Fast Healing 1, DR 1/-
Greatly +3 +3 +3 +10 Fast Healing 2, DR 2/-
Dangerously +4 +4 +4 +20 Fast Healing 3, DR 2/-
  • note- The Fast Healing effect of Awakening replaces the innate Fast Healing 1 of a Yoma-infused and does not increase it.

Hidden Yoma Nature: On gaining this template, the Yoma-infused changes obviously. Her eyes become permanently silver, and her hair becomes permanently either silver or platinum blonde. A Yoma-infused is affected by all spells and effects as either an Outsider or a Humanoid of their original type, whichever is least advantageous. Additionally, a Yoma-Infused consumes only one day's worth of rations over the course of two weeks, under normal conditions.

Because a Yoma-infused has become partly Yoma (Or Outsider, as per appropriate setting) through artificial methods, she can become Awakened, increasing the hold of her Outsider parts and subsuming her original nature under that of the violent creature whose flesh and blood were used to alter her.

Awakening brings out the Yoma nature of a Yoma-infused- while Slightly awakened, a Yoma-infused has gold eyes instead of silver, which glow metallically and have vertically slit pupils. She will generally feel combative, and is unlikely to engage in any sort of discourse.

While Partially awakened, a Yoma-infused's veins bulge prominently, particularly wherever she is healing or exerting herself. Much like a Barbarian under a rage, a Partially awakened Yoma-infused cannot take 10 or 20, and cannot use long-term skills such as Craft, Diplomacy, or Use Rope.

While Greatly awakened, a Yoma-infused character's teeth become sharp and sharklike, and her jaw distends slightly, giving her a rather feral appearance, and making her inhumanity apparent at a glance. A Greatly awakened character suffers a -10 penalty to Disguise checks intended to make her appear to not be Yoma-infused, even if the checks in question were made previously. In addition to the restrictions of Partial awakening, her attitude is automatically Hostile in all ways to those she is not famliar with, and she must attack any foes she can percieve to the best of her ability. If there are no foes present, she must either act in the most direct way possible to alleviate any stressful situation she is in aside from being Awakened, attack the nearest creature that is not at least a friend, or spend her action attempting to fight her Awakening (doing nothing).

While Dangerously awakened, a Yoma-infused character's body warps, the limbs becoming drawn out and her skin shifting color or flaking off to reveal a 'second skin' of an alternate color- usually a sanguine red or a wet-looking muscle color. Her body shifts drastically, and fitted items such as armor may warp or pop off due to the changes. In addition to the restrictions of Great awakening, her attitude is automatically Hostile in all ways, even to those with whom she is familiar. If there are foes present, she must attempt to attack them in some way, even if it is likely to prove ineffectual. If there are no foes present, she must either attack the nearest creature, or spend her action attempting to fight her Awakening. If any creature provokes an attack of opportunity from her, she must take that attack of opportunity, even if the creature in question is a trusted friend or family member.

Ageless: Should a Yoma-infused manage not to die in a fight or Awaken completely, she may well live forever. The Yoma-infused template removes any age limit from a creature to which it is applied, and the creature furthermore suffers no ability penalties from aging. Of course, almost no Yoma-infused ever manage to actually take advantage of this trait, thanks to the dual risks of death and Awakening...


Strength +4, Charisma -2. While the infusion of Yoma flesh and blood greatly reinforces the physical power of a body, it gives the recipient a very unearthly nature. The need to resist violent, occasionally cannibalistic urges also leaves most Yoma-infused relatively antisocial and uncommunicative.






Solitary or Voracious Eater Hunting Party (4-6)

Challenge Rating[edit]

Same as base creature +2


As base creature.


As base creature.



Level Adjustment[edit]

+0 (Risk often outweighs benefit in the case of this template...)

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