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Prerequisites: Why be tied down by just one archetype? (level 15 or higher)
You may take one archetypal ability from a different archetype in your class, so long as the ability gained is gained at the same time you gain an archetype in your class. You cannot take the spellcasting feature (fighters and rogues), or the expanded spell list (warlocks, clerics, sorcerers, druids, etc.), from another archetype.

for example: if you are a rogue and you are part of the thief archetype, you cannot take the spellcasting feature from arcane trickster, but you can take the Mage Hand Legerdemain feature, provided you have the cantrip Mage Hand. If you are a warlock with the Pact of the Archfey, you cannot get the Fiend pact spell list but can take the Dark One's Blessing feature.

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