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Greater Deity
Symbol: A great oak tree within a circle of vines
Home Plane:
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Growth, Life, Nature, Birth, Renewal
Clergy Alignments:
Domains: Good, Healing, Plant, Animal
Favored Weapon:
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A divine rank 19 deity known also as the Mother of Vaerya, Heart of the World, Queen of Life, and Lady of the Forest. Yaviandawe reveres everything that grows. She is a nurturer and healer, and loves most seeing beautiful creations bloom. She is fiercely defensive when it comes to her forests, and often if humans kill too many trees in one place, the forest will defend itself. this is a manifestation of her will. She is the patron saint of mothers, healers, and druids. She is often represented as a wise woman, with graying brown hair and clothes that are reminiscent of bark. Her green eyes are full of life, and those who would seek to destroy will feel her wrath.


Clergy and Temples[edit]


The Vaeryan Seven

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