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Xenokai Fighter[edit]

A Xenokai Fighter goes through unending training that focuses on pulling from the very depths of their wisdom and spirit to push themselves far beyond their own personal limits. They blend medidation, self-improvement, and physical challenges to continue this quest to be better than they were the day before. For them, each battle represents a new chance to improve upon themselves, and to prove to themselves that such intense training truly has value.

While others see the Xenokai Fighter as a fearless brute, the truth is that these warriors will rarely back down from a challenge if they think there is even the slightest of chance for victory, even if it means pushing their body to the breaking point. Some of these powerful warriors hail from temples, shrines, and monestaries, where they blend their tense physical training with peaceful meditation through mindfullness or faith. Others come from schools where the Xenokai style is taught, seeking to honor their teachers and bring glory to the house of their studies. There are even rumors of Xenokai Fighters living alone, training themselves away from the distractions that come with living among society. Wherever they come from, these fighters are formidable obsticles to those who face them in battle.

Making a Xenokai Fighter[edit]

Xenokai Fighters get along well in a balanced party, especially a party that has ranged attacks to support their front-line fighting style. These warriors often rush, rather recklessly into combat, eager to face new challenges and see how far they can push themselves. They combine the fighting prowess of the fighter with the wisdom and focus of the monk, using unique abilities to accelerate their bodies nearly to the breaking point.

Abilities: Strength and Constitution play a primary role in the combat effectiveness of a Xenokai Fighter, while Wisdom and Charisma form the pool of reserve energy that they call upon to break through their physical limitations.

Alignment: Although the devotion to the self tends to push these fighters into the more neutral or chaotic alignments, there are many reasons for a Xenokai Fighter to fall into any of the alignments.

Starting Gold: 4d4×10 gp (Starting Average is 100gp).

Starting Age: The Xenokai Fighter uses the Moderate aging scale, and ages at one quater the rate of those of the same race. This is due to the intense training that focuses on constantly improving their physical body.

Table: The Xenokai Fighter

Hit Die: D12

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special Unarmed Strike Prana Force Prana Abilities
Fort Ref Will
1st +1 +2 +1 +0 Unarmed Strike, Instinctive Defense, Prana Power, Meditation 1d6 1d6 1
2nd +2 +2 +1 +1 Quick Strike, Precision Fist 1d6 1d6 2
3rd +3 +3 +2 +1 Movement Boost, Tainted Prana 1d6 2d6 2
4th +4 +3 +2 +1 Xenokai Limitbreaker +2 1d8 2d6 2
5th +5 +4 +2 +2 Arcane Prana, Flight 25ft 1d8 3d6 3
6th +6/1 +4 +3 +2 Movement Boost 1d8 3d6 3
7th +7/2 +5 +3 +2 Bonus Feat, Xenokai Zen 1d10 4d6 3
8th +8/3 +5 +3 +3 Xenokai Limitbreaker +4, Swift Transmission 25ft 1d10 4d6 4
9th +9/4 +6 +4 +3 Movement Boost, Elemental Fury 1d10 5d6 4
10th +10/5 +6 +4 +3 Flight 50ft, Swift Meditation, Xenokai Path +1 2d6 5d6 4
11th +11/6/1 +7 +4 +4 Studied Strike, Xenokai Serenity 2d6 6d6 5
12th +12/7/2 +7 +5 +4 Movement Boost, Xenokai Limitbreaker +8 2d6 6d6 5
13th +13/8/3 +8 +5 +4 Keen Fist, Xenokai Path +2 2d8 7d6 5
14th +14/9/4 +8 +5 +5 Bonus Feat, Swift Transmission 50ft 2d8 7d6 6
15th +15/10/5 +9 +6 +5 Movement Boost, Flight 100ft 2d8 8d6 6
16th +16/11/6/1 +9 +6 +5 Xenokai Limitbreaker +16, Xenokai Path +3 2d10 8d6 6
17th +17/12/7/2 +10 +6 +6 Defiant Surge 2d10 9d6 7
18th +18/13/8/3 +10 +7 +6 Movement Boost 2d10 9d6 7
19th +19/14/9/4 +11 +7 +6 Xenokai Path +4 3d8 10d6 7
20th +20/15/10/5 +11 +7 +7 Xenokai Limitbreaker +32, Flight 150ft, Dual Xenokai Path, Swift Transmission 100ft 3d8 10d6 8

Class Skills (4 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)
Balance (DEX), Climb (STR), Concentration (CON), Heal (WIS), Intimidate (CHA), Jump (STR), Survival (WIS), Swim (STR), Tumble (DEX), Knowledge History (INT), Knowledge Local (INT), Craft (INT), Profession (WIS).

Class Features[edit]

The Xenokai Fighters spend years, possibly decades putting their body, heart, and mind in tune with one another. No matter where they studied this style of fighting, they have learned the draw upon the Prana, a primal force of life, in order to break through physical limits that might hinder other warriors. This Prana can be used to boost their strength, strike distant foes, or even recharge their own health. Learning to use the Prana is the key to the Xenokai style of fighting, and is what drives these warriors to constantly improve themselves.

All of the following are class features of the Xenokai Fighter.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Although the Xenokai fighters may use light armor and shields, many feel that doing so hinders their movement. They have access to a limited number of weapons including clubs, sai, throwing knives, quarterstaff, nunchaku, tonfa, kusari-fundo, slings, and blowguns.

== Prana ==

Prana Power: The highlight of the Xenokai style of fighting is the use of Prana, a primal energy that fuels life itself. Through intense training, deep meditation, and often painful practice, the Xenokai Fighter is able to churn this energy, turning into a tangible force they can wield with amazing results. When used, Prana often manifests in a kinetic type of energy, resulting in orbs of pure force, rather than fire or ice from a mage. A Xenokai Fighter has a Prana Reserve they can pull from, containing a number of points equal to their Wisdom and Charisma modifiers added together. Using one of their Prana abilities is a swift action and burns a single point from their Prana Reserve. Any roll to save against these abilities is a DC equal to 10 plus the Xenokair Fighter's class level added to their Charisma modifier. The column labeled Prana Force shows how much damage, healing, or protection these powerful abilities grant to the fighter. At first level, the Xenokai Fighter knows 1 of these abilities, as they progress in their training, they discover new ways to unleash their Prana. Starting at 2nd level, and every 3rd level after, these warriors are allowed to pick a new ability from the list below. Activating these abilities provokes an AOO from adjacent enemies, and the Xenokai Fighter must make a DC 15 + Class Level concentration check in order to focus the energy. Failure to succeed this roll wastes the Prana energy without anything being achieved. Xenokai Fighters choose their Prana Abilities from the following list:

  • Prana Beam: By channeling their Prana into a single beam of energy, the Xenokai Fighter can strike at foes at a distance. This attack is rolled as a ranged touch attack. The range of this attack is equal to 10 times the fighter's Wisdom modifier, and a successful Reflex save prevents all damage to the targeted creature.
  • Prana Blast: Similar to the Prana Beam, this ability allows the Xenokai Fighter to throw out a wave of devastating energy in a 15 foot cone. A Constitution based save can be used to halve the damage to all creatures caught within the attack.
  • Prana Boost: By pouring their Prana into their own body, the Xenokai Fighter can use their Prana Force to raise one of their Ability Scores for a single round of action.
  • Prana Detonation: With this attack, the Xenokai Fighter hurls a small orb of Prana out into the battlefield. Upon a single command, this orb explodes, dealing damage to everything in a 15 foot radius. The range of this attack is equal to 20 times the warrior's Wisdom modifier, and all creatures caught within the blast may roll a Dexterity based save to take only half the damage. The fighter may withold the actual explosion for up to a minute, and if they do not use it, the orb simply dissipates and the energy used to create it is lost.
  • Prana Healing: A much gentler form of the Prana energy. This allows the Xenokai Fighter to give a little of his own power to wounded creatures, healing them. This ability cannot be used to raise a dead creature, harm the undead, or increase hit points above their maximum. The figher must be within 25 feet of the target in order to use this ability.
  • Prana Instinct: Learning to use Prana requires deep mental focus as well as physical. By channeling their Prana through their body with this ability, the Xenokai Fighter applies their Prana Force as a bonus to their Wisdom score for a number of rounds equal to 5 plus their class level.
  • Prana Might: When the Xenokai Fighter concentrates their Prana inside their body with this ability, they apply their Prana Force to all Strength and Dexterity based skill checks for a number of rounds equal to their Wisdom modifier.
  • Prana Resilience: While some of the Xenokai Fighter's other ability may leave them exhausted or fatigued, this ability helps relieve some of those effects. By creating a temporary surge in Prana energy in their body, the fighter can turn their exhausted status into fatigued, or completely erase their fatigued status. The effects of this ability last only for a number of rounds equal to their Prana Force, and once it wears off, they become exhausted for 1d4 rounds, after which they will be fatigued until they rest for 6 fours or more.
  • Prana Resurgence: Similar to Prana Healing, learning this ability teaches the Xenokai Fighter how to mend their own wounds and heal injuries to their own body. This ability will not increase hit points above their maximum, nor can the warrior use this ability if they are unconcious.
  • Prana Shield: When focusing their Prana upon their own body, the Xenokai Fighter can produce a protective shell around themselves. For a number of rounds equal to their Wisdom modifier, the warrior will resist an amount of damage equal to their Prana Force each time they are attacked. While in this shell, the fighter is unable to move or attack, but can disable this energy shield at will, losing the energy that was used to create it.
  • Prana Strike: By focusing their Prana into a single attack, the Xenokai Fighter can deal unfathomable amounts of damage to an enemy. When using this ability, it adds the Prana Force to the next hit that the fighter connects with.
  • Prana Stun: With their training with Prana, the Xenokai Fighters can even learn to tap into the Prana of other creatures. By using this technique, they can stun a single foe up to 100 feet away for a number of rounds equal to their Prana Force. A successful Fortitude save prevents this effect, but failing to do so renders the target immobile.
  • Prana Throw: Using this ability requires tranfering stored Prana energy from the Xenokai Fighter to an object or enemy. By doing so, they are able to hurl objects and creatures that are the same size category or smaller. While only active for one round, the thing being thrown either takes, or deals, damage equal to the Prana Force, and can be thrown for a distance equal to 10 times the warrior's Strength modifier. Creatures and objects must impact with a solid surface, or another creature in order to take damage from this ability. Using this ability does not apply any bonuses to the fighter's grapple check in order to make the throw.

Meditation: As much as a Xenokai Fighter enjoys a challenge in battle, they understand that they must focus the mind as well as the body, and keep them in sync with one another. In order to refill their Prana Reserve, the fighter must meditate for an hour, uninterrupted, for each point they wish to regain. If the are attacked or stressed while in this state, they must roll a DC 20 Concentration check to remain focused on balancing their body and mind. Meditating to regain lost Prana Reserve counts as sleep or rest for the fighter.

Tainted Prana (Su): After so much practice and training, the ability to draw upon and use Prana has become so ingrained in the very fabric of the fighter, that it now appears as whisps of colored energy emitted from the Xenokai Fighter whenever they draw upon the power. The hue of this energy mimics the alignment of the wielder. When the Prana energy does this, the Xenokai Fighter can use it to bypass damage resistance. Neutral fighters may choose one of the other hues if they desire, but this decision cannot be changed, unless their alignment should change. They also gain this benefit for their normal unarmed strikes.

  • Lawful beings emit a white energy.
  • Chaotic creatures emit a purple energy.
  • Good fighters emit a green energy.
  • Evil warriors emit a black energy.
  • Neutral beings emit a blue energy.

Xenokai Limitbreaker (Ex): The main focus of the Xenokai style of fighting is learning how to use Prana to break through physical limitations of the body. A Xenokai Fighter who trains hard enough, learns to do exactly that. They flood their body with Prana, boosting their abilities beyond what they normally are. Starting at 4th level, and every 4th level after, the fighter can add a temporary boost to all their physical ability scores (Str, Dex, Con). Their base speed increases by 5 times their Wisdom modifier, and their unarmed attacks deal an extra Xd6 where X is their Wisdom modifier. A fighter can only activate this ability once, and then must rest for a minimum of 6 hours before they are able to use it again. Activating this ability requires a standard action, but does not provoke an AOO. It remains active for a number of rounds equal to their Xenokai Fighter level plus their Constitution modifier prior to the boost. While active, the Xenokai Fighter is surrounded in harmless flames the color of their Tainted Prana, and may use their Prana Powers and Abilities as well. Once this limit-breaking ability wears off or is canceled, the Xenokai Fighter is left exhausted for 1 minute, and then remain fatigued until they rest for a minimum of 6 hours.

Arcane Prana (Su): At 5th level, the Xenokai Fighter is skilled enough in using the Prana, that they may consider it magical for the sake of ignoring damage resistance. They also gain this bonus for their normal unarmed strikes.

Swift Transmission (Sp): By using a point from their Prana Reserves, the Xenokai Fighter may instantly teleport short distances. The warrior must be able to see their destination, or have been there before. Using this teleportation technique requires a swift action to activate, and does not provoke an AOO. This teleportation technique can be blocked by similar means that would prevent a wizard's teleportation spell.

Xenokai Zen (Ex): With meditation and training comes peace of mind. Learning how to center one's own thoughts is a core principle of the Xenokai fighting style. At 7th level, the Xenokai Fighter can spend a single point of their Prana Reserve to remove effects such as confusion, disease, poison, slow, stun, ability drain, or paralysis from themselves. Like other techniques, this requires a swift action to use.

Elemental Fury (Su): After so much use, the Prana can begin to mimic elements found in the world. With training, the Xenokai Fighter can discover how to use this to their advantage in combat. Once a fighter reaches 9th level, they may add an elemental trait to their unarmed attacks as well as their Prana abilities. This allows them to deal all, or half, of the damage as though it came from their chosen element. They may choose from Ice, Fire, Acid, Lightning, Holy, Unholy, or Sonic energy. They may change their desired element with an hour of meditation.

Swift Meditation: With training, one can even learn how to regenerate lost Prana Reserves in a more efficient manner. At 10th level, a Xenokai Fighter's meditation time is reduced by half in order to restore spent points.

Xenokai Serenity (Ex): Further focus, further calm. The mind and body must become one in order for Prana to be effective. At 11th level, the Xenokai Fighter has learned how to shield their mind from unpleasant external forces. They gain immunity to mind-affecting spells and abilities, and magic or abilities that cause sleep. At this point, the warrior may also tap into the Prana of others, using the Xenokai Zen technique on another creature within 25 feet.

Defiant Surge (Su): With ever increasing training and study, the Prana itself has become an integeral part of the Xenokai Fighter's life. It pulses through their veins and runs rampant in their muscles, eager to be used again. This creates some unexpected results, especially when the Prana desires the same goals as the fighter. Once the fighter reaches level 17, the Prana has become so infused with the body of the warrior, that should the warrior be reduced to 0 hit points or less, it automatically surges to life. This is an extremely dangerous explosion of Prana, elevating the fallen fighter's physical Ability Scores to 20 points over their normal values, restoring 50% of the fighter's health, and granting the fighter an extra 5d6 to all damage they deal. Such a rush of energy comes at a cost though. as this revival is merely temporary. Every 2 rounds, the Xenokai Fighter loses 1 point from their Prana Reserve, and this surge of Prana throws the fighter into a type of rage, preventing them from using any Intelligence or Wisdom based skills. If the fighter's initial loss of health isn't restored, or they are defeated again before this surge ends, they die, unable to be restored unless through something like a Wish or Miracle spell. If the figher is able to get their initial loss of health, the reason the Defiant Surge activated, restored, the surge ends immediately and they become exhausted for 1 hour, and then fatigued until they manage to rest for 6 hours. While in this rage, the Xenokai Fighter may not use any spells or abilities that allow them to heal their own damage. This Prana ability activates as an immediate action once the Xenokai Fighter is reduced to 0 hit points or less.

Unarmed Strike: Relying on their body, instead of weapons, the Xenokai Fighter learns early on how to punch and kick harder than others. These lethal blows deal more damage than most other unarmed strikes, and improve as the warrior gains levels. See the Unarmed Strike column for details.

Instinctive Defense: The intense training that the Xenokai Fighter is subjected to has trained the warrior to defend themselves without the need of extra armor or shields. Either through hightened combat instincts, or simply being more aware of their surroundings, these fighters are naturally harder to hit when unencumbered by heavy outits. When not wearing armor or using a shield, the Xenokai Fighter adds their Wisdom modifier into their Armor Class as Natural Armor.

Quick Strike: Utilizing training that focuses on speed, rather than accuracy, the Xenokai Fighter is able to throw faster punches than normal. When using this ability, the fighter gains twice as many attacks, but only at half their maximum attack bonus. Example: a 6th level Xenokai Fighter with a BAB of 6/1 would have 4 attacks at 3/3/3/3 when this ability is used. Using this ability requires a full attack action. This attack only applies to their Unarmed Strike.

Precision Fist: Instead of using their Quick Strike, the Xenokai Fighter could instead focus all their training into a single, powerful attack. Like the Quick Strike, thos ability uses a full attack action, but uses a single accurate strike at their highest attack bonus plus 5. On top of hitting with precision, this attack automatically deals maximum damage, then any critical bonuses are applied, if applicable. This attack only applies to their Unarmed Strike.

Movement Boost: Through rigorous training and relentless practice, the Xenokai Fighter has learned to push their movements beyond normal limits. At 3rd level, and every 3rd level after, they gain an additional +10 to their base movement speed.

Flight (Su): Through countless hours of practice, and deep focus on improving themselves above and beyond normal limitations, the Xenokai Fighter can discover amazing new tricks. At 6th level, they can fly effortlessly as though it was natural to them. This begins with a speed of 25ft at 5th level, and increases every 5 levels after that.

Bonus Feat: Upon reaching 7th level, and every 7th level afterwards, the Xenokai Fighter may select an additional feat from the fighter bonus feats.

Xenokai Path (Ex): While studying the Xenokai style of fighting, the fighter can learn different fighting paths. Each seperate path grants a bonus to various skills, abilities, or other features as described below. This bonus begins as a +1 at level 10, and increases by 1 every 3 levels. Whenever a Xenokai Fighter meditates, they may choose a single path to follow, and they remain on this path until they meditate again, at which time they may switch to a new path. When the fighter first gains this ability they are able to only have one active path at a time, at level 20, they can focus on two paths at the same time. The paths they may follow are:

  • Dragon: Bonus applies to all Intelligence based skills, rolls to resist elemental (Fire, Ice, Shock, Acid, Sonic) damage, and regenerate health each round equal to the Path bonus.
  • Gorilla: Bonus applies to all Strength based skills, Damage rolls, and Intimidation checks.
  • Mantis: Bonus applies to Will saves, Attack rolls, and any roll made against the opposite sex.
  • Martyr: Bonus applies to the Attack, Damage, and Saving rolls of allies within 25 feet.
  • Owl: Bonus applies to all Wisdom based skills. As well, the fighter gains a bonus to their flight speed equal to 5 times their Path bonus.
  • Scorpion: Bonus applies to any save against poisons or diseases, grapple checks, and the fighter may treat their unarmed attack as a piercing weapon.
  • Tiger: Bonus applies to Dexterity based skills, Reflex saves, and the fighter may treat their unarmed attack as a slashing weapon.
  • Turtle: Bonus applies to Fortitude saves, Armor Class as natural armor, and Damage Reduction.
  • Warrior: Bonus applies to both Attack and Damage rolls, and the Xenokai Fighter gains the Power Attack and Cleave feats, even if they do not qualify, and can use them with their unarmed attacks.

Studied Strike: Starting at 11th level, the Xenokai Fighter may dedicate time to studying a single opponent. For each round spent watching their target, the fighter gains a +2 bonus to their first attack roll upon the target, and a +2 bonus to damage should the attack hit. This special attack only modifies their unarmed attack.


Keen Fist: Combining knowledge and strength, that's the balance the Xenokai Fighter seeks to achieve. Through all the time spent studying, the fighter has learned to strike far more accurately more often. When they reach 13th level, the Critical Threat Range for their unarmed strike increases to 19-20, and the damage multiplier increases to x3.

Ex-Xenokai Fighters[edit]


Epic Xenokai Fighters[edit]

Table: The Epic Xenokai Fighter

Hit Die: D12

Level Special
21st Movement Boost, Bonus Feat
22nd Xenokai Path +5
24th Movement Boost, Xenokai Limitbreaker +64, Flight 200ft
25th Swift Transmission 250ft, Xenokai Path +10
27th Movement Boost
28th Xenokai Limitbreaker +128, Bonus Feat, Xenokai Path +15
30th Movement Boost, Swift Transmission Unlimited Range, Flight 300ft, Triple Xenokai Path

4 + Int modifier skill points per level.

Xenokai Path: At 30th level, a Xenokai Fighter can activate three paths at a single time.

Xenokai Fighter Starting Package[edit]

Weapons: .

Skill Selection: Pick a number of skills equal to 4 + Int modifier.

Skill Ranks Ability Armor

Feat: .

Bonus Feats: .

Gear: .

Gold: .

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Xenokai Fighter[edit]

Religion: Unless the fighter trained heavily at a temple or shrine, they usually turn away from religion, instead dedicating their lives to improving their combat abilities through focusing on the Prana.

Combat: The Xenokai Fighter usually enjoys being right in the front of a fight, as they seek out challenges to further improve their own abilities. The only time they are known to back down from a fight is when they know there is absolutely no chance of victory, which usually sends them off to train harder to overcome that which they backed away from. What they gain is sheer up-front physical power, they lack when it comes to ranged fighting. This proves useful for adventuring parties that have plenty of ranged combat options, but need someoen to keep the enemies at a distance.

Xenokai Fighters in the World[edit]

I will defeat you! Even if it takes my life, I will destroy you here and now!
—Asiano Malkorai, Half-Elf Xenokai Fighter, from the House of Green Feather

Xenokai Fighters are always on a quest to improve themselves, either mentally or physically. As long as the mere idea that there might be an opponent stronger than they are, the fighter will continue to practice and meditate on the Xenokai fighting style. Many seek out random jobs and bounties, if it is only to find a new challenge to overcome. Other Xenokai Fighters become bastions of hope and justice for villages and hamlets that would otherwise be defenseless. Evil warriors occasionally use their training for unjust causes, such as punishing others and driving them into submission through brute force.

Daily Life: The daily life of a Xenokai Fighter involves meditation and practice fighting. Sometimes this can be sparring against other warriors, or it could be spent alone in a peaceful forest where others cannot distract them.

Xenokai Fighter Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge Local can research Xenokai Fighters to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

Knowledge Local
DC Result
5 Xenokai Fighters are warriors that enjoy the thrill of the fight.
10 Xenokai Fighters will face down almost any foe, as long they believe there is even a slim chance of victory.
15 Xenokai Fighters can call upon a power called Prana, which is a primal force behind life.
20 Xenokai Fighers can use Prana to far surpass their normal physical limitations, making them dangerous enemies.

Xenokai Fighters in the Game[edit]

Adaptation: .

Sample Encounter: .

EL : .

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