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Alignment. Lawful Neutral
Domains. War
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

  • Xenegos is a descendant of Tempus, god of War, Lord of Battles. Born into war and used in battles to strike fear and terror in enemies, Xenegos can be an ally or enemy, most in the pantheon prefer him as their ally, especially for battle.
  • Used in war and combat to strike fear into creatures and enemies.
  • Worshipped by fighters, barbarians, paladins and war clerics. The clerics that worship and maintain temples to Xenegos can perform rituals of sacrifice of animals to appease him during wars or foes themselves. After performing their first ritual, an Aura of Fear and Intimidation will appear when in combat or battle. Nightmares will subside once the first ritual has been completed.
  • His followers must dominate their foes and either lead them or put them to death.
  • Usually worshiped by those that take a darker path to lay the law and bring peace and justice. Those that choose to walk the fine line call on Xenegos for spells and auras of fear and intimidation. Can cast the spell of Atonement on those that have lost their way and purpose to atone and be forgiven from straying once, only once. They must command and dominate foes to appease Xenegos.

Dogma: Be fearless in battle and combat. Never run from a fight, your code is your honor, fear is your badge. Dominate your foes. Strength is Power, your Power is Fear, Fear will conquer all. Strike Fear into your foes and you will receive my power, for I live through you in power and spirit. Cross you and they shall receive your Wrath.

  • An Oath of Conquest for Paladins is the path.

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