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A green oak ahead of a sandy background, with a thick black line seperating the sand to two sides.

Domains: Nature, Earth, Neutrality

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Xarxium has grown to a family in the barren lands of the Sail Island on the plane of Rubyspire Vale. Growing on a land of sand, hot air and dust was not easy for the family of Xarxium, and the boy saught to relieve his family from the pain of the drought. As he reached adulthood, he started studying alchemy to try and grow plants on the land of his home, in vain. As all his family died from either the drought or the animals of the Barrens, he was the only one to survive, still seeking a way to revive this land of hopelessness. One day, Terreya appeared to him at the middle of his researched, and blessed him with the power worth more then whatever else could be asked - He was given the power to grow plants by merely touching the ground.

It is said that with that power, he had grown all the plants in the now flourishing island, but nevertheless Xarxium has impressed many warriors in the Sail lands, eventualy creating the Kingdom of Terrain, that he deticated to his love for nature and the gift that was given from the Nature Goddess Terreya. As Xarxium passed away, many people were converted to belive in the goddess Terreya and in Xarxium as her messenger of life.

Cleric Training[edit]

There are no formal clerics of Xarxium, but clerics of Terreya need to deticate they're life to nature and the ways of life, promising to remain neutral in any way, as nature should be. Many of the clerics undergo extended meditations and prayers to reach they're true neutrality, A task not easily achieved.


The only quests followers of Terreya and Xarxium are sent to are missions to plant more life inside the huge, still barren land of Rubyspire. Since the death of Xarxium, most of the Ymuin Peninsula in Rubyspire was planted, along with the famous forest of Blackwood. Other then peaceful missions, the followers focus on they're own neutrality and do not often may other's they're enemies.


Unlike the other gods, Terreya forbids the destruction of wildlife, and so sacrafices are forbidden. Prayers to Terreya and Xarxium are usualy made by offering the first of the crops that the followers grow. These offerings are made by traveling to the Shrine of Nature located in the middle of the barren Rubyspire Vale mainland.


There are only two formal temples deticated to Terreya and Xarxium. The first temple was made as the base of the capital of the Kingdom of Terrain, the Temple of Terreya, and the second is the Shrine of Nature. The Temple of Terreya is visited to formally convert into beliving in Terreya and Xarxium, and training in becoming truly neutral. The Shrine of Nature was created in the middle of Rubyspire to symbol the continuing growth on the harsh land, and people come there to propose offerings of crops to Terreya and also come there to train to become the elite guards of Terreya and Xarxium, the Nature Guardians.

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