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X the Creator[edit]

Alignment. Neutral
Domains. Knowledge, Life
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

X is a mysterious deity, being that hardly any paintings, religious text, or items are rarely found showing any images, or words about him. From what we know, X has only shown himself to selected individuals, known as Masks of X, his name for his Paladins and Clerics. But, more about them later.

Only once did a Mask of X tell us what X revealed himself to look like. This is what they said.

He was average in size, like that of human. Pure white hair topped his head. He was wearing something. . . not of our world. I can say that it looked like a shirt, but it wasn't. It had a collar that was flipped over, with an X of the left side. A grey. . . fabric thing that had a knot at the top of it.

And the mask. On the right side of his face was a mask held by what looked like white ribbons. It covered the right side of his face, leaving only one blue eye to stare at me. And on it was an X. After that, I blacked out.

When X chooses a person to become one of his Masks, he reveals himself to them in their dreams. Once they wake up, a identical mask of X's is placed next to their bed. From then on, the person becomes a Mask of X.

Also from what we know, X has created some of the worlds in the multiverse, hence the title, the Creator.

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