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World Dominaton
Enchantment (Compulsion) [[Mind Affecting]]
Spellcraft DC: 71
Components: None (Sit meditating for casting time)
Casting time: 13 Days
Range: Centred on the Focus Item (one off)
Area: 3,500,000 Miles
Duration: Permanent (D)
Saving Throw: Will negates (+100 to DC)
Spell Resistance: Yes (+100 on CL check to overcome)
To Develop: 6,399,000 GP, Seed: Compell (DC19), Factors: Can compel a subject to follow an unreasonable course of action [+10], Change to Area (20ft radius) [+12], Dismissable [+2], +100 DC [+200], +100 vs. SR [+200], +100 vs. Dispell [+200], Increase Area by 100% (30X) [+120), Permanent [X5], Mitigating Factors: Increase Casting time to 13 days [-46], 12 other casters contributing Epic-level spells [-228], 20,000 XP burn per caster [-2600](Wrong), 10d6 backlash per caster [-130], Material focus worth 1,000,000 GP [-100]

This spell, once used repeatedly by a Demon Lord to rule a portion of the Multi-Planar universe (since, on the Material Plane, the universe is indeterminately large and abound with worlds full of life at differing levels, the Demon Lord would not be able to claim the whole universe, just as the entire demonic company of the Queen of Chaos was defeated by the Air Dukes of Auqa on the Fields of Pesh, a society that stretched across multiple solar systems with artifacts of enough power to imprison Demon Lords), is powerful enough to completely dominate almost anyone's mind, to the extent that they will follow the caster's through their own free will, and will even sacrifice their own life to protect them. The spell is constructed to make it seem as if control will be shared between the casters when, in actuality, the primary caster takes total control over all the targets, the other casters included. The power of this spell is so great, that you get a +100 on all dispel checks with it. When casting, the casters must sit in a ring around the spire, meditating and slowly pouring their energy into it. If, at any point, the ring is broken, all casters must make a DC 40 Concentration check or the spell fails. Once cast, this spell effects all people within the radius when the spell was finished, regardless of INT score or creature type. If the spire is moved, once the spell is cast, the spell radius is not moved, as it only effects the people in the radius, not the area itself. By this rule, if someone leaves the spell area, they continue to be affected by the spell.

Focus: Ornate Jet Spire (100ft high, 5ft radius) worth 1,000,000 GP

XP Cost: 20,000 XP

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