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Wooden Box with a Cupcake[edit]

Mechanical trap

This trap is a wooden box large enough to hold a medium sized creature, propped up by a forked twig, branch, or piece of wood with 10 feet of string tied to it and leading off towards cover. The bait used in this trap is a chocolate cupcake with pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles, served on a small copper plate and contained in a standard paper cupcake wrapper.

The obvious nature of the trap makes it impossible to not see, however the delectable looking cupcake still attracts creatures and adventurers alike, regardless of whether they knew it was a trap or not.

To resist walking into the trap, one must make a DC 14 Intelligence check. On a failed check, the person falls for the trap, if multiple people desire the cupcake, roll for initiative to see who gets it. The cupcake is filling and gives whoever ate it part of their rations for the day. With the victim inside the box closes over top of them, forcing them to make DC 13 Strength check to see they lift the box off. On a failed check, 1d6 of enemies (usually goblins, but is up to the DM) will attack and attempt to seize the person in the box.

An adventurer falling for a similar trap.
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