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Wonderland's Curse[edit]

This curse is often transferred to food and drink by mad nobles and wizards who want to mess with their "guests." When consumed, you must make a Wisdom save with a DC of 17 to avoid contracting it.

Every hour, you must make a Wisdom save with a DC of 17 or randomly either gain or lose a size category.

  • If you are your original size, flip a coin. On a heads, increase in size, on a tails, decrease in size.
  • If you are larger than your original size, you must roll a d6 instead, and you will decrease in size from a 1-5 or increase in size on a 6.
  • If you are smaller than your original size, it is reversed.

Your equipment changes size with you. This curse can be cured with a Remove Curse spell cast using a 5th level spell slot or higher

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