Wizmagog's Tome of Ultimate Arcane Power (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, uncommon (requires attunement by a spellcaster)

This thick tome contains a number of mostly useless spells.

This tome can be used as an Arcane Focus. In addition, it has a number of spells inside. Each spell can be cast by the user by expending a spell slot of any level. All saving throws use the spellcaster's spell save DC. Anyone attuned to this tome will not know the effects of any given spell until after they are cast.

Spell Effect
Wave of Obliteration Fires a slightly destructive wave of force. All targets in a 10 foot cone must make a Constitution save, or take 1d4 force damage and have any non-magical clothes they are wearing torn to shreds. The damage is increased by 1d4 and the range increased by 5 feet for every spell slot level expended past the 1st.
Prismatic Alteration A target within 30 feet must make a Wisdom save, or permanently change color to a random color. This can be undone with "dispel magic". You can target a number of creatures equal to the level of the spell slot used.
Worldshaker A target object or creature within 30 feet must make a Wisdom save, or begin vibrating intensely for 1 minute, as long as the caster concentrates. During this time, their base walking speed is reduced by 5 feet. The speed decrease is increased by 5 feet for every spell slot level expended past the 1st. If this reduces the creature's speed to 0, they are prone for the duration.
Wrath of the Sun The caster calls down a number of fireballs. Make up to 5 spell attacks against targets within 30 feet; each successfully hit target takes 1 fire damage. This spell can ignite kindling and lightly cook food. The damage per fireball increases by 1 for every spell slot level expended past the 1st.
Voice of God The caster bellows a command. All targets within 30 feet must make a Constitution save. On a failure, they take 1d4 thunder damage and are forced to cover their ears if able. The radius is increased by 10 feet for every spell slot level expended past the 1st.
Summon Prismatic Ancient Wyrm The caster summons a small, rainbow colored lizard with wings (flight speed of 20 feet) that obeys the caster's command. The lizard vanishes after 1 hour. If you use a 5th level spell slot, a giant lizard is summoned instead.
Akashic Record The caster is given a small piece of information at the GM's discretion that is at least somewhat relevant to their current situation. The information is more relevant and detailed the higher level the spell slot level expended was.
Wizmagog's Ultimate Spell The caster cleans a 20 foot radius. Clothes are folded and put away, dirt and grime is cleaned up, beds are made, and such. The radius cleaned is doubled for every spell slot level used past the 1st one.

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