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Withering Blight[edit]

This curse is often sold and used by nobles, to exact revenge on each other. It is usually stored in talisman format, and can be inflicted by burning the talisman alongside a snippet of the target's hair while the target is within a mile radius. To avoid contracting the curse, a wisdom save with a DC of 17 must be made. Otherwise, symtoms appear as followed.

Stage 1: Overnight, the afflicted begins to lose hair in clumps, becoming completely hairless within an hour.

Stage 2: Over the course of a day, the afflicted's skin loses pigment, turning them pale. The afflicted will have disadvantage on attack rolls made in the sunlight, and will also need to make an hourly Constitution save with a DC of 13 or take 1d4 damage from sunburns.

Stage 3: The curse spreads to the body, causing a cumulative loss of 1 Strength and 1 Constitution every day, up to a total loss of 4 each.

The curse can be removed by a Remove Curse spell cast using a 5th level or higher spell slot.

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