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Witchers augument their martial prowess as well as their lifestyle with alchemical potions. To other people, these potions are extremely toxic and in some cases, their consumption ends with death. (1d10+1 poison damage every round) When a Witcher succeeds in the Trial of Grasses he mutates in such a way that he is able to drink Witcher potions. However, Witchers do not become completely immune to the poison. When a Witcher Reaches their toxicity threshold, they have to roll a DC 15 Constitution save or become unconscious, also, they take 1d10+1 poison damage every round. This limits how many potions may be active at a time within a Witcher. The maximum Toxicity that a Witcher's threshold may be before death is determined by the level and Witcher school that they choose (see Witcher, Variant (5e Class). Witchers may meditate for 2 or more Hours and cleanse their Toxicity. Another way in which a Witcher may cleanse their system of potions that they drink, lowering their threshold back to zero, and nullifying the effects of any active potions. Another way to reset Toxicity is to use use the potion White Honey. However, White Honey also nullifies any potion effects.

Alchemy and Potion crafting[edit]

Potions may be crafted in a variety of ways. During a short rest between battles, or perhaps by using downtime. However, the Witcher must first acquire the ingredients, as well as recipes, for the potions they want to craft.


(if you want to generate ingredients randomly, roll 2d20, re-roll if you roll the same number on both)

Every plant ingredient that may be used in a potion is as follows:

  1. Dandelion leaf
  2. Arenaria
  3. Berbercane Fruit
  4. Balisse Fruit
  5. Celandine
  6. Crows Eye
  7. Ribleaf
  8. Mandrake Root
  9. Lemon zest
  10. Lavender
  11. Peppermint
  12. White myrtle petals
  13. Pringrape
  14. Alcohest (specially made alcohol)
  15. Wolfsbane
  16. Honeysuckle
  17. Dwarven spirit
  18. Cortinarius
  19. Puffball
  20. Sewant mushrooms

Bomb Ingredients:

Every plant ingredient required to craft bombs are as follows:

  1. Allspice
  2. Aether
  3. Black Powder
  4. Calcium Equum
  5. Celandine
  6. Crows Eye
  7. Fools Parsley
  8. Honeysuckle
  9. Phosphorous
  10. Powdered Pearls
  11. Quicksilver solution
  12. Saltpeter
  13. Sewant Mushrooms
  14. Sulfur

Potions and Decoctions[edit]

Witcher Potion Crafting
Name Duration Effect.
Ancient Leshen Decoction 1 minute Add a 1d4 damage to all you melee weapon attacks.
Arachas Decoction 8 hours The lighter the armor worn, the less damage recieved. Reduce damage taken from weapon attacks by 1 if you are wearing medium armor or by 2 if you are wearing light armor.
Black Blood 1 hour Creatures with the bite attack take 1d6 poison damage when they bite you.
Chort Decoction 8 hours You cannot be knocked prone.
De Vries Extract 8 hours Upgrades one random sign.
Earth Elemental Decoction 8 hours Grants resistance to and fire and poison damage.
Ekhidna Decoction 8 hours Successfully dodging attacks restores 1d4 hit points.
Ekimmara Decoction 8 hours A killing blow restores 1d4+2 hit points.
Full Moon 8 hours adds 2d10 + Constitution to your hit points. (Temporarily raises max hp)
Grave Hag Decoction 8 hours Each enemy slain heals 2d12 hp.
Griffin Decoction 8 hours Increases damage resistance to 25%. If your damage resistance is higher than this, it does nothing.
Nekker Warrior Decoction 8 hours Mounts never panic in the presence of monsters.
Nightwraith Decoction 8 hours Maximum hit points are increased by 1d4 after each monster killed. This effect lasts for eight hours, unless either meditation or a long rest occurs.
Noonwraith Decoction 8 hours Immune to charm effects, and cannot be knocked prone.
Swallow 15 minutes Replenishes 1d4 + Constitution hit points per turn.
The Grasses N/A This potion is used on normal humans who wish to become witchers and train under a witcher. The grasses put the drinker into a prolonged siezure, resulting in excruciating pain, among other things. Many times, it will result in death.
Water Hag Decoction 8 hours Deal an additional damage die while your hit points are at their maximum.
Werewolf Decoction 8 hours +10 Speed
White Honey Instant Reduces toxicity to 0, as well as nullifying any effects of potions, poisons, etc.
White Raffards Decoction Instant Instantly restores 3d10 hit points.
Wraith Decoction If an attack deals more than 25 damage to a player, a Quen shield is automatically deployed at no cost.

Weapon Oils[edit]

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