Winterheart Mage (4e Prestige Class)

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Winterheart Mage[edit]

Flowers of frost, both beautiful and deadly. They shall be the last thing you see.
—<-NPC name->, <-race-> <-class->

Prerequisite: Wizard, proficiency with a Spear weapon.

Path Features[edit]

Spear-mage (11th Level): You can now use any Spear weapon as a spellcasting implement.
Freezing Action (11th Level):
Path Feature (16th Level):

Frost Tree Attack 11
A deadly tree of frost grows up before you, the goblins staring wide-eyed in fear as branches of frost trap and impale them.
Encounter Star.gif Arcane, Cold, Implement
' Ranged burst 1 within 10

' Utility 12
' '

' Attack 20
' '

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