Were-Claw Covers (3.5e Equipment)

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{{3.5e Magic Item |name= Were-claw Covers |cl=9th |prerequisites= must be afflicted with Lycanthropy |cost= depending on metal used |aura= moderate |school= enchantment, transmutation |market price= +1 enchantment + appropriate material cost |weight= -- |description=Covers the claws of any creature and adds the properties of the metal they are made of to their claw attacks(ie cold iron puts a hurting on the fey, and mitheral gives you masterwork bonuses).This weapon magically resizes/reshapes between animal and hybrid form, also when in humanoid form these claws transform into a ring that grants +1 to natural armor. Despite the name, the covers are useful for any character or monster that makes use of claw attacks.

The claw covers can be enchanted as per the usual rules regarding magical weapons. Donning or removing this item is a free action.

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